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Parallels Desktop for Mac
December 16, 2010    
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Parallels Desktop for Mac is a Virtualization Software for Mac created by Parallels Holdings Ltd. Parallel Desktop for Mac invites MAC users to the windows world with a virtualization software product. Run windows operating systems and especially windows based software not supported by MAC OS - all this side by side with your MAC OS.

Product summary of Parallels Desktop for Mac

The age-old debate between Mac-lovers and PC-lovers has long been a heated and often passionate one. One of the benefits of personal computers that has often been boasted about is the huge amount of software that is available for Windows-based systems. These days, however, Mac computers now have an amazing tool that allows Mac users to run Windows-based applications just as though they were running any other application made for Mac operating systems. This tool is Parallels Desktop, a powerful piece of software that can take your Intel-based Macintosh system and turn it into a powerhouse computing system that can run the Windows 7 operating system and practically any other piece of software made for Windows.

How Parallel Desktop for Mac works

Parallel Desktop is a kind of software that allows you to run a virtual machine on your Mac computer. You can then install the Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 operating system on your virtual machine. The result is that your Macintosh computer runs both your Mac operating system and your virtual machine Windows operating system side by side at one time. Virtual machines are nothing new in the computing world, but what sets Parallel Desktop apart is its seamless integration and ease of use. Read on for an in-depth look at the benefits of using Parallel Desktop.

Seamless integration between Mac OS and Windows with Parallels Desktop

Parallel Desktop allows you to run your Windows-based virtual machine without having to reboot your computer, meaning that both Windows and Mac OS will be running simultaneously. The program even allows you drag-and-drop files between the Mac system and the Windows virtual machine. Likewise, you can run Windows-based programs installed on your Windows virtual machine straight from your Mac Dock, just like you would run any other Mac program. You can also use your Apple Remote to control your Windows applications.

Other great features and functions of Parallels Desktop for Mac

- The ability to virtualize a Linux operating system on your Mac

- Compression function that can be set to automatically compress your files to save space on your hard drive

- Support for Windows Aero features

- Easy installation of Windows operating systems

- Use Apple's Multi-Touch trackpad gestures in your Windows applications

- Support for multiple monitors so you can have your Mac OS X and Windows OS running on multiple monitors

- Copy and paste functions can be used between Mac, Windows, and Linux

- Easy to use "Snapshots" backup and recovery system

- Enhanced support for hardware virtualization, making your Windows-based applications run smoother and faster

- Ability to play Windows-based games and 3D graphics applications

Parallels Desktop is a great piece of software that can be purchased for $79.99. You can also download the trial version of this software to see if Parallels Desktop is the right tool for your needs.

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