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Lavasoft Registry Tuner
July 30, 2011    
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Lavasoft Registry Tuner is a Registry Repair Software for Windows and created by Publisher Lavasoft Ltd.

Lavasoft Registry Tuner Summary

Lavasoft Registry Tuner is a PC tune-up and optimization tool that performs everything you need in order to keep your laptop or desktop to its maximum efficiency. This tiny yet powerful program can clean your registry from errors, clean space on your drives, uninstall files without leaving keys behind, manage your back-up system, and handle automatic registry tune-up. It is a good program to have if you want to improve your registry and the overall performance of your PC. A Well maintained registry has fewer freezes, crashes, slow downs and other issues.

Lavasoft Registry Tuner Features

Lavasoft Registry Tuner ensures that your Windows registry is fully optimized. It can scan your registry and identify empty files, broken keys, missing DLLs, leftover uninstall entries, and many other hidden system files you are unaware of that are important for the smooth running of your PC. Registry Tuner can automatically correct found errors without even bothering you a bit; it identifies scan results as safe to remove or unsafe to remove, so you will not be deleting files that are vital to the system. The result is faster response time, speedier system, and stable operation of your computer. The program allows you to do these things by a one-click optimization action that automates the process.

Registry Cleaner can also boost the boot-up time of your PC by bringing start-up files stored in the registry closer together, resulting in easier access of these files during start-up. If you are using the default Windows uninstaller to remove programs, you are surely unaware that there are leftover uninstall files on your drive; this program removes all of them and makes your system cleaner without harming it. It can also deeply scan drives to identify recondite junk files and make your PC faster.

Aside from performing important PC optimization, Registry Tuner can also perform back-ups. At the beginning of every registry scan, the program automatically creates a system restore point to save the current state of your PC. This is necessary so that you can revert to a previous state when unwanted changes occur to the system. Furthermore, Registry Tuner allows you to schedule system scans, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. This enables you to still optimize your system even if you are constantly busy with other things.

Lastly, this program has a reporting tool that tracks changes, errors, and fixes that it performed, making you well informed about the optimization history of your PC.

Lavasoft Registry Tuner User Interface

Lavasoft Registry Tuner has a well-organized user interface. It utilizes horizontal tabs to separate the five menus (Clean Registry, Clean Drives, Manage Applications, Recovery
Center, and Reports), and each tab contains vertical tabs on the left to represent options you can choose. If this is your first time to optimize your PC using a program, you will find Registry Tuner very clean and easy to learn. All the safe default options are already chosen for you, although you can change these if you have some advanced knowledge. It is also good that there is automatic back-up during every registry scan, and you can even back-up your entire Windows registry.

Lavasoft Registry Tuner Review

As a proprietary PC optimization tool, Lavasoft Registry Tuner is a competitive product that also offers what others do. It has similiarities with other registry optimizers, but all comes down to features and layout of the software. At $29.95, it can be considered an expensive piece of software, but feature-wise, it is highly passable. There is free technical support you can always use, which is one advantage about purchasing a paid program. Reviewers provided positive feedback for the program, so you can surely use the free trial to evaluate it more for your personal use.

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