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PC Tools File Recover
February 10, 2011    
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Software Summary

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PC Tools File Recover is a Data Recovery Software for Windows created by Publisher PC Tools Limited.

Product summary of Pc Tools File Recover

Deleted files can already be recovered and restored easily and safely with PC Tools File Recover.

PC Tools File Recover, also known as File Recover™ for Windows, is one of the safest and easiest software solutions for recovering files that may have been deleted accidentally. Uncalled for deletions of files by viruses, worms, spyware, adware, and other forms of malware can also be reversed through this computer software package.

PC Tools File Recover provides a simple and safe solution to recovering files deleted from hard disk drives, floppy drives, flash drives, and other forms of mixed media.  

PC Tools File Recover Program Features

When your delete files from your computer or from any other disk drive, these deleted files automatically go to the Recycle Bin. Restoring these deleted files can be easily done by simply opening the Recycle Bin and selecting files to restore. However, if you delete these files from the Recycle Bin or if you empty your Recycle Bin, these files would of course be lost, and recovering them would already seem impossible. But these files are not completely deleted from the computer. They remain hidden on the drive until they are overwritten by other files. However, the operating system of Windows could no longer access and recover them. The same is true on files deleted through actions that completely bypass the Recycle Bin. Very large files are often deleted “permanently” without passing through the Recycle Bin.

PC Tools File Recover can recover and restore files that are still intact on the hard drive. This software identifies the files that haven’t been overwritten on the hard drive and allows users to recover them. It also determines the content of such files and allows for safe file recovery. If, for example, a file has already been overwritten partially, PC Tools File Recover “reads through" the remaining content and tries to reconstruct as much of the partially overwritten file as possible using the remaining file content.

File recovery from hard drives is fast and easy. Network administrators and home users won’t have a hard time with this added computer protection package, as PC Tools File Recover provides them with another strategy for the protection of very important data.

System scan is also relatively fast though the software’s rapid scan engine. PC Tools File Recover taking only minutes to complete the scan for files that can still be recovered.

Scanning can be customized to be done only in selected drives based on user preferences. File searches and scans can be easily facilitated by inputting the file’s file name, or even just part of it.  

PC Tools File Recover makes use of a read-only file recovery approach to restoring deleted files. This is a safe way to recovering files, since the software program neither changes the file and its contents nor writes on the section of the hard drive where the file is located.  

Batch file recovery is also enabled by the program.

Product Compatibility of File Recover

PC Tools File Recover runs on IDE/ATA/SCSI hard drives, as well as in other drives having capacity of more than 8 GB. It also supports drives using Windows FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS disk format systems.

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