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Nero BackItUp and Burn
January 04, 2011    
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Nero BackItUp & Burn is a Data Backup Software with Burning capabilities for Windows created by publisher Nero AG.

Product summary of Nero Backitup & Burn

Ever had that experience of being immersed in the middle of writing a report or presentation due tomorrow when suddenly the power goes out, and everything you've done for the past hours is wiped out? If you have experienced the same or even worse, you may say that losing files, especially those that matter, are one of the boons of this technological age. Unlike papers that you can chase around when a gust of wind catches them, digital files disappear into thin air when lost. Despite many advancements in the electricity services as well as in the IT industry, these unfortunate accidents still occur. To prevent data loss when such instances occur, it's best to invest in a software that effectively backs up your files in a jiffy. One of the best kinds of software that can back up all of your files is a digital media software suite known to almost all users. The Nero BackItUp program is a type of software that would help ensure that all your efforts will not go to waste by saving files and other data for easy retrieval.

The Nero BackItUp & Burn software ensures the safekeeping of your files through two kinds of back up: file back up and drive back up.

File back up of Nero Backitup Burn

The Nero BackItUp safekeeps the files in your computer. Aside from pressing Ctrl+S or clicking on the save button every few minutes, you can make sure that what you're doing is kept safe and updated with just a few clicks. You can have your data filed safely and efficiently with Nero BackItUp.

Drive Back Up of Nero Backitup & Burn

Aside from saving your important files, Nero BackItUp also keeps programs and operating systems safe and secure. Not only can you save your files, but even important programs and operating systems can be salvaged  as well from system crashes or just simple instances of power outtages.

Here's some of the features of Nero Backitup that are good knowing:

Scheduled back ups of Nero Backitup & Burn

System crashes and data loss are often caused by users themselves who forgot to do their own files and system back ups. With the Nero BackItUp, you can afford to forget about saving your files and still be able to have your files and programs easily backed up. With a smart scheduler, you can just enter a schedule for backing up files.

Wizard-guided options of Nero Backitup & Burn

Set up and operation is made easy through simple instructions and guidelines. Each step is also assisted by a wizard that guides users on what they want to do next. Nero BackItUp wizards can show users how to back up files and programs, how to make schedules, and perform a gamut of other things needed to make sure that files are safely stored for easy access.

Email notifications of Nero Backitup & Burn

Nero BackItUp can also notify you through email of the progress of your scheduled back ups. Whether it's a routine file back up or a full-scale precaution against program and operating system loss, Nero BackItUp informs users of the status and upcoming scan schedules. A special window on the left-side also displays the progress, schedules of scanning, and the type of action you would want to perform.

Burning with Nero Backitup & Burn

Nero Backitup & Burn lets users burn information to CD's DVD's and Bluray formats in a matter of Drag and Drop file management interface. What's unique apart from some other burning softwares is that users are offered password protection, encryptions through the SecurDisc technology.

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