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ZoneAlarm Forcefield
January 31, 2011    
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Software Summary

Operating System

ZoneAlarm ForceField is a Web Browser Security Software for Windows created by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Zonealarm Forcefield Product Summary

After creating the personal firewall as its flagship product innovation in computer protection technology, ZoneAlarm again came up with another computer protection product after years and years of silence. While ZoneAlarm’s firewall technology safeguards the computer’s operating system, ZoneAlarmForceField provides multiple layers of protection to guard the system when it comes to all activities and operations that occur when one is browsing. Since ZoneAlarm ForceField is released to public beta, this software application can be used on any computer anytime and anywhere.

How ZoneAlarm ForceField Works

At the core of ZoneAlarm ForceField program is a “security bubble” system that encloses the browser and separates it from the computer. That way, all operations of the browser while browsing and downloading files are trapped. Thus, any dangerous or malicious file, website, or operation could not harm your computer’s system, including all files except for the browser.

ZoneAlarm ForceField sets user’s actual download apart from uncalled-for downloads. The user can download files and install new programs to the computer’s system “outside the bubble,” but ZoneAlarm ForceField guards each download and checks them against its database of more than 200,000 dangerous downloads in its system. Once a download is detected to be dangerous, ZoneAlarm ForceField offers to terminate the operation and stop the download.

ZoneAlarm ForceField allows users to enter, browse, and download from any web site. However, it provides warnings to the user on dangerous sites and downloads. It also offers to take actions on the detected danger that users can accept or ignore.

ZoneAlarm ForceField, however, does not scan the computer’s system, and it does not remove malware. Its protection concentrates only on the browsing experience. Computer system scan and malware removal is a job for regular antivirus software. ZoneAlarm ForceField does not take the place of a full security suite, though it gives warnings upon the detection of something dangerous in the system.

This software provides warnings and offers actions when the user is about to visit a dangerous website, when one tries to download a dangerous file, and when one tries to launch a dangerous file.

ZoneAlarm ForceField can also block keyloggers. It, in fact, has high capability of hindering keystroke logging and screenshot logging in the browser. This software can also detect fraudulent websites and block them or, at least, warn the user against visiting them.

Zonealarm Forcefield Installation

According to ZoneLabs, ZoneAlarm ForceField installation completes in only about 30 seconds or less. Thus, it can be easily installed and used n any computer wherever. As long as one is allowed to install the software, it would be easy for him or her to download and use ZoneAlarm ForceField to ensure ful protection during the browsing session. Simply logging in to an existing ZoneAlarm account, installing and running the application will do the trick.

ZoneAlarm ForceField Product Subscription Cost

Initial payment for ZoneAlarm ForceField upon subscription is about $29.95. A continuing product subscription of about $19.95 shall be required after the first year of subscription.

ZoneAlarm ForceField Software Review

Overall, ZoneAlarm ForceField provides a strong multi-level protection for the computer system against dangers that may come from browsing activities, though it is important to note that the focus of protection is only on the browser and on browsing. The need of a product like ZoneAlarm ForceField depends entirely on how the daily use of internet and web browsing looks like.

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