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PC Tools Privacy Guardian
February 10, 2011    
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Software Summary

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PC Tools Privacy Guardian is a Privacy Software for Windows created by Publisher PC Tools Limited.

Product summary of Pc Tools Privacy Guardian

So much for prying eyes and slow system performance due to bloating and cookies unnecessary data on your web browser. PC Tools has an updated version of its Privacy Guardian, featuring premium level ups on its features and performance from its predecessors.

PC Tools Privacy Guardian is an advanced software to protect your privacy settings and erase tracks of your Internet activities on your browser. This software provides an effective way to wipe out traces of your computer activities easily and safely. It works to protect your privacy and to improve the performance of your computer system by removing unnecessary data that waste your disk space.

What PC Tools Privacy Guardian Does

PC Tools Privacy Guardian securely deletes your history traces and computer activity traces stored in your browser and in other hidden files. It also removes track of your Internet activity online.

To enhance computer performance, PC Tools Privacy Guardian cleans the system by deleting cookies, removing history of recent documents, erasing temporary files, and omitting URLs typed on the address bar. PC Tools Privacy Guardian also cleans the cache and list of recent documents, as well as index.dat files.

In addition to clearing up hard disk space, emptying file and template folder and wiping out auto-complete form data, wipe autocomplete-form data, PC Tools Privacy Guardian also cleans products such as iMesh, ICQ, and Kazaa. PC Tools Privacy Guardian supports a number of third party software.

Product Features of Privacy Guardian

Deleted Internet activity traces and other data can no longer be recovered on your computer, because PC Tools Privacy Guardian uses an advanced eraser to make sure that traces of your activities are permanently deleted. It can permanently remove files from Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, and Netscape.

It makes use of a Bleach Free Space tool to make sure that deleted files are unrecoverable. After deleting files, this tool bleaches hard disk space to remove all traces of the data that could be recovered by a File Recovery tool.

Through this efficient track-clearing and data-erasing system, PC Tools Privacy Guardian helps speed up system performance and efficiently restores valuable hard disk space.

Privacy Guardian Application Compatibility and Cost

PC Tools Privacy Guardian is spyware and adware-free. Thus, users can rest in knowing that his software is safe. It is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. PC Tools Privacy Guardian supports various web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, and Opera.

A licensed version of PC Tools Privacy Guardian costs $29.99. But for those who are still in limbo about buying, a trial version is also available for free.

System Installation Requirements

To be able to install PC Tools Privacy Guardian, your computer must have at least an Intel 486 processor, its equivalent, or better. It can be installed on computers with a RAM of 16 MB, though at least 128 MB of RAM is preferable. There must also be at least 7 MB of available space on your hard disk to accommodate software installation. Finally, at least an Internet Explorer 5.0 browser or its equivalent is needed.

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