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Panda Security for Enterprise
February 15, 2011    
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Software Summary

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Panda Security for Enterprise is a Network Security Software for various server solutions including Windows and Linux Servers created by Publisher Panda Security. Network Security Software is intended for major networks with multiple server types including Workstations, Mail Servers, Domino Servers, ISA Servers and File Servers including many others.

Product summary of Panda Security for Enterprise

Imagine suddenly being invaded by unwanted visitors in what you consider your kingdom or territory. If your fortress isn't strong and dependable enough, that kingdom you've worked so hard to build and maintain may just fall to pieces. The same scenario  could be said about computer networks that need protection and security against harmful elements such as viruses and other attackers. Fortunately, with the Panda Security for Enterprise, you no longer have to helplessly watch as attackers such as malware, trojans and other viruses destroy your network and all the data stored in it. This software package will help protect and secure your network. The malware protection it provides will benefit your business greatly, and you can get all of these at a reasonable price.

Features of Panda Security for Enterprise

Panda Security for Enterprise provides high-level network traffic connection with the help of the following features:

TruPreVent technology

The Panda Security for Enterprise benefits from using TruPrvevent technology in protecting the network from any kind of malware intrusion. Vital information and data can be saved from being copied, exploited, or rendered useless when using the Panda Security for Enterprise for network security. Viruses, trojans, and other bugs that that infiltrate the computer system or hard drive are repelled immediately.

Malware radar

Panda Security for Enterprise also has a feature that detects different types of malware that are already operating in the deepest levels of your hard drive. Malware Radar fishes them out and destroys them to prevent the spread of any damage on your data. No secret stays uncovered with this feature; even trojans that have been hiding in older files and in otherwise unseen places can be found and quickly eliminated.


The Panda Security for Enterprise package is also very reliable with it's no non-sense features such as AdminSecure. The all in one package brings with it many other features and benefits that will surely keep your network safe and secure from viral and trojan attacks, damage from malware, and other unfortunate instances.

Restricts and controls network access

To prevent the spread of viruses and other malware, Panda Security for Enterprise also controls the access to the network of certain computers that have already been infected. Not only does this stop the spread of damage to other "healthy" computers, but this also helps isolate the problem areas to treat them immediately. Once the problem has been remedied after a thorough scan, these formerly infected units and computers can then rejoin the network and be afforded the same high quality protection from malware.


Any person who corresponds through email will certainly benefit from this feature of the Panda Security for Enterprise. This security package by Panda can intercept spams and scan these for safety and importance. If indeed mail content is proven to be a spam and even loaded with a harmful elements such as trojans, they will be dealt with efficiently. In eliminating unknown viruses, worms, and spyware, Panda Security for Enterprise offers tough protection for file servers, workstations, mail servers, and many others. This package offers high-performance solutions to your network security needs.

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