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Panda Security for Business
February 15, 2011    
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Software Summary

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Operating System
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Panda Security for Business is a Network Security Software for various server solutions including Windows and Linux Servers created by Publisher Panda Security. Network Security Software is intended for bigger networks with server types including Workstations, Mail Servers and File Servers but not as broad as Panda Security for Enterprise.

Product summary of Panda Security Business

Panda takes all-around network security to a higher level with the Panda Security for Business package. This software package is more than just an anti-virus program, but a thorough and efficient bundle that weeds out even the toughest kinds of malware in your system. For businesses and corporations who rely on their networks to keep things running smoothly, the Panda Security for Business is an investment that would pay off greatly.

User interface of Panda Security Business

The Panda Security for Business pack has an easy to navigate user interface. For the management side, the AdminSecure portion is the central unit that oversees the protection of all units and workstations in the network. The client or end-user, on the other hand, can use the Panda Security for Desktops. Though it provides the best protection available to users, it only takes up little space in the hard drive. Scans are easy to conduct with just a click of a button and can even be done without interrupting any ongoing activity.

Features of Panda Security Business

The Panda Security for Business bundle packs in a lot of surprises in one convenient package, such as:

Anti-spam feature of Panda Security Business

Spams are more than just annoying when they flood into and eventually cripple a company's network. To protect against this infiltration, the Panda Security for Business has just the right defense for it. The Panda's RDP, or Recurrent Patttern Detection, feature scans all incoming messages and data for any trace of malware. It runs in real time and is updated with the latest information culled from monitoring Internet traffic. If a certain kind of malware knocks on the doors of your network, rest assured that Panda's RDP would surely help keep it away from your system.

Rootkit protection of Panda Security Business

The Panda Security for Business also has a highly effective anti-virus program that not only wards off incoming trojans and malware, but also weeds out those that have been there before this security package was installed. Rootkits hiding in the deep recesses of hidden files and folders throughout the network can cause much damage to your system. Fortunately, Panda's rootkit protection takess out even the most advanced malware and provides a cure for the damage caused.

Quarantine of Panda Security Business

So the Panda Security for Business cleaned up your system or network. However, it's not just going to dump those malware and viruses wherever it could. First, the Panda Security for Business would gather these bugs to prevent further infection. Once they are quarantined, the Panda security software would then start to remedy any damages that have been caused by these malware or bugs to the system. This versatile and efficient protection service also makes use of recycling by sending back the information and even the malware themselves to PandaLabs for further analyses. Since the Panda Security for Business pack is updated in real time, similar attacks can be easily prevented and remedied in no time.

All in one console

All of these benefits can come in one business security package that takes only a few minutes and a couple of easy steps to install and operate.

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