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F Secure Mobile Security
December 23, 2010    
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Software Summary

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F-Secure Mobile Security is a Mobile Security Software for Smartphones created by publisher F-Secure Corporation

Product summary of F-Secure Mobile Security

Nowadays, it is not only computers that need protection against viruses. Smartphones also need to be protected against threats such as worms, viruses, Trojans, and other mobile malware becuase of their Web browsing and easy data transfer features. Smartphone users who wish to protect their device from these threats should consider getting F-Secure Mobile Security, an anti-virus application that combines anti-virus protection with a firewall to provide good security solutions to mobile phones. F-Secure Mobile Security is great at delivering automatic and invisible security. Another good thing about this mobile security suite is that it gives users a way to protect their phone, which happens to be an essential communication tool. Aside from this, smartphones may contain confidential and personal information, so it would be best for users to keep these all the more secure.

Reasons to get F-Secure Mobile Security

In case the phone is stolen or lost, someone else can misuse the information contained in it. When the phone gets infected by mobile spyware, the calls, text messages, and information can be copied and transferred to a third party. Viruses can also cause unwanted billing in the event of the unwanted spread. Apart from these, a phone infected by malware can turn out to be useless.

Features of F-Secure Mobile Security

This mobile security suite provides protection to the phone's removable memory cards and internal memory. Working in the background, F-Secure Mobile Security monitors Bluetooth links and emails and even activates the firewall when the user is doing Web browsing. Another great feature of this mobile security application is that it automatically updates itself and provides the option of only updating the software when it's in the own home Wi-Fi network of users. With antivirus, anti-spyware, and a firewall, users are sure to get multi-layered protection for their mobile phone. There's also an anti-theft feature that lets the user remotely lock the lost or stolen phone and then erase the data from it. In case the user gets the phone back, the remote lock can also be opened.

Installation and usability of F-Secure Mobile Security

The installation of F-Secure Mobile Security to a mobile device is easy. This application offers more update and installation features than other mobile security software available in the market. Installation can be done through a computer application, or the software can be installed directly into the phone. As for usability, the interface of F-Secure Mobile Security is easy to navigate. On-demand scans can be performed by users any time to check their folders and files. Once the F-Secure Mobile Security is installed, users can just forget about it. It only needs utmost attention when the phone is at risk.  

Effectiveness of F-Secure Mobile Security

F-Secure Mobile Security is effective at detecting and removing viruses from mobile devices. This software provides real-time protection, so users can be sure that their mobile phone is constantly covered. There is, however, no anti-spam facility, although the effective and comprehensive protection provided by the other features can make up for this. All things considered, F-Secure Mobile Security offers users with good protection for their mobile phone.

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