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Norton Antivirus For Mac
February 08, 2011    
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Norton Antivirus For Mac is an Antivirus Software for Mac OS X created by Publisher Symantec Corporation.

Product summary of Norton Antivirus for Mac

So far, there haven't been many antivirus products released for the Mac operating system. This is largely due to the fact that there haven't been many virus threats to the operating system. But as more and more threats are discovered, consumers are beginning to realize the importance of a good antivirus software. One of the few names that have released an antivirus program for Mac is Symantec, the name behind the popular antivirus brand Norton. Norton Antivirus for Mac is one of the top-selling antivirus solutions. In this review, we'll take a look at what makes it a great product.

Major Features of Norton Antivirus for Mac

- Automatic detection and removal of viruses - One of the great features of this software is that it can automate the detection and removal of threats from viruses, worms, Trojans, and malware. All you have to do is set the options and settings you would like for detection and removal.

- Scanning and cleaning of email attachments and other downloaded files - Perhaps the biggest threat to computers are those that come from the Internet. It's easy to make a mistake and accidentally download viruses or other threats through your email or from websites. Norton has a real-time scanner that checks all of your downloads and attachments for possible threats.

- Protection from software and Internet vulnerabilities - Computer programs come in all shapes and sizes, and it's safe to say that each piece of software has a varying level of security. To put it simply, some software are more vulnerable to threats than others. Norton realizes this fact and it helps provide advanced protection from both software and Internet vulnerabilities.

- Norton Antivirus dashboard widget - A dashboard widget is a cool feature that is commonplace on most Mac systems. This widget allows you to view information on your Norton Antivirus software at a glance. You can also perform certain tasks directly from the widget.

Norton Antivirus For Mac Interface

The interface of Norton Antivirus for Mac is very smooth, much like the interface of Mac operating systems. The clean look of the software makes it easy to find exactly what you need, whether it be information on updates, statistics on scans, or access to other features and options on the software. Even consumers who aren't used to having antivirus software are likely to find it easy to use this product.

Norton Antivirus For Mac Installation and System Requirements

To run Norton Antivirus for Mac, you will need to have a system with Mac OS X version 10.4.10 or better. Also, your system needs to have at least a PowerPC or Intel Core processor, along with 128MB of RAM and at least 100MB of free hard drive space. You can purchase the product along with a 1-year subscription for $49.95. Installation is rather simple and straightforward, but some users may find that the default configuration of the software is a little too stringent. You may need to tone down the settings a little, or just run it on default and change settings as you see fit in the future. Scanning is quite slow compared to other products, but it delivers good performance.

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