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ESET Cybersecurity for Mac
May 21, 2011    
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ESET Cybersecurity for Mac is an Antivirus Software for Mac OS X and created by Publisher ESET, LLC.

ESET Cybersecurity for MAC Summary

Although more spyware is being developed for more popular PC software, the safety and protection for Mac users can never be fully guaranteed. After all, cybercriminals will not rest until they compromise a system’s security and steal whatever valuable information it contains. ESET Cybersecurity is a security application specifically created to protect the Mac operating system from such threats.

The program can be easily installed, and has a nice dashboard that displays the essential functions needed by the user for handling platforms and threats. The antivirus protects your Mac OS day and night with no interference, and it is designed to conserve disc memory and minimize notifications, ensuring the full potential rendered by the software.

ESET Cybersecurity for MAC Features

ESET Cybersecurity provides a technology that gives outstanding protection for the software. With an intensified detection feature, the application can more effectively detect both obsolete and advanced threats than most anti-virus software. This feature also has a filter system that protects the computer from being infected by external threats, and it can also protect the user’s personal information from being stolen online.

Needless to say, the application’s detection system can detect and remove any threats found in external sources like USBs, other removable media, and attachments from emails. As mentioned, the program can provide excellent and dynamic protection for the software. It has the ability to purge the computer of both old and new viruses and threats, as well as routing and preventing their spread to other computers and applications. Specifically engineered for the Mac operating system, the program can protect the computer online while maintaining its normal performance. Using as little disc memory as possible and providing alert notifications minimally, the application does not interfere with the Mac’s operations.

A special feature is the application’s capability to protect Mac software from viruses or threats designed for other computer software (like Windows). This is a very good bonus in itself since more external spyware are developed specifically for tearing down these PC applications, and have a larger availability through the internet.

ESET Cybersecurity for MAC User Interface

ESET Cybersecurity for mac can be installed and set up easily and effortlessly. Its dashboard display is very user-friendly and engaging to use and it can give the user a set of instructions regarding the handling of system threats. The security application can also be integrated within the Mac software, giving it its features of low disc memory usage and minimized alerts. This also allows Mac to keep its fast-paced performance while being provided substantial security.

Furthermore, the scanning settings of the application are very innovative, and can be customized as preferred by the user. Among these features are the system’s scanning depth, the size of scanned objects and archives, with a time out module, and many more.

ESET Cybersecurity for MAC Review

ESET Cybersecurity is the first Mac anti virus certified by ICSA. Understanding the fast-paced lifestyle of users worldwide, the security application tends to their needs by developing and distributing simple yet effective solutions that protects and improves their online experience. Mac users can now rely on an excellent program that protects your OS from a wide coterie of external elements that are dangerous for the computer.

These protections include filtering web access contents and protocols, and a complete scanning of data communications with the system. External hard drives like USBs, DVDs, CDs, and other removable media can also be protected by the program, with the ability to scan the storage and purge them of any detected threats. And lastly, the user is ensured of protection from cybercriminals, with the utilities ability to block their attempts of stealing passwords and other personal information online. A license is provided with the security software per hardware. This provides extended protection for many systems running on the computer, and an adaptable utility that can provide security for other PC software.

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