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Avira Internet Security
December 16, 2010    
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Software Summary

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  • Windows 7
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Avira Internet Security is an Internet Security Software for Windows by Publisher Avira GmbH.

Avira Internet Security Summary

Avira is relatively new in the market for a complete security suite solution having released its first only in early 2010.  With the new 2012 Avira Internet Security, it competes directly with many other suites that provide malware detection online and off as well as removing threats that escaped its detection and blocking algorithms. If your work involves gathering data, banking, investing and shopping online, accessing social networking, media sharing, instant messaging and calling via VoIP and is concerned about what you kids might accidentally see online, then the Avira Internet Security is an excellent choice.  It’s not perfect, but it gets the job done with one of the better prices in the market.

Avira Internet Security Features

The suite offers the following detection features:

  • System Scanner that detects known viruses, Trojans, Worms, Malware and Spyware
  • Rootkit Protection which secures you against hidden malware that free antivirus software most often can't find
  • Antispam that filters out emails with potentially malicious code and phishing emails.
  • Anti-phishing that secures your PC against threats of identity theft
  • AntiBot blocks hackers' attempts to take over your computer.
  • AntiAd/Spyware that blocks online spies and pop-ups.

For preventive protection, it offers:

  • ProActive which discovers potential attacks from changes in your system behavior;
  • AHeAD Technology which shields your PC from suspicious file behavior;
  • Real-Time Protection algorithm blocks viruses, worms and Trojans;
  • Firewall that puts an extra defensive layer against intrusions;
  • Web Protection which disallows your from accessing malicious websites.
  • AntiDrive-by which blocks software downloads with malicious code while surfing;
  • Email Protection which keeps emails with malicious codes in the attachment from infecting your infecting your inbox.

For repair, restoration and cleaning, it offers the following:

  • Generic Repair which eliminates all infection traces automatically;
  • Quick Removal which performing the virus disinfection in one click;
  • Backup System that allows you to recover data in case infection, accidental erasures or data theft; and Rescue System which allows you to create a restoration CD to restart your PC in case it is infected and fails to reboot normally.

Other extra features include:

  • Express Installation that configures default but working security in just a few clicks;
  • Live Support that offers interactive assistance from an Avira professional;
  • Game Mode which suspends pop up alerts when gaming or watching movies in full screen;
  • Child Protection which blocks unwanted content from your kid’s internet use.

Avira Internet Security User Interface

The suite and the standalone Antivirus Premium share the same easy-to-use graphical user interfaces in terms of design layout and controls. The antivirus program simply disables the suite controls. So if you had been a user of the Premium version, going up to the Suite edition is a no-brainer and you get the same intuitive simple and uncluttered interface that even novice users will have no problem navigating through.

Avira Internet Security Review

The Avira Internet Security suite offers one of the most powerful and efficient malware blocking, restoration and cleanup without severely impacting on your PC performance as it eats up negligible computing resources consistently through its range for functions. It offers the same level of protection as does the latest Avira Free Antivirus scoring high marks on major independent tests to match some of the best in the industry like Norton, BullGuard and Kaspersky suite solutions.

However, its anti-rootkit, anti-phishing are relatively weak compared to others in the markets as they to miss known rootkits.. In addition, while its spam filter is effective in not blocking valid email, it significantly slows downloading email to your inbox. Basic parental control keeps to the essentials, alright.  It is browser-independent and specifying any of its 12 undesirable categories will block access to a website accordingly. You can even limit your kid’s time on the internet for each day, week or month.  But while it works for a child, older kids will have no problem overcoming it.

Our tests reveals a firewall engine that is fairly effective, certainly better than what we get with in-built Windows firewalls. It successfully blocks exploits and external attacks that went through with these basic firewalls. We would have preferred its full implementation as part of the default features but as it is, you need to change settings to medium or high in order to stealth all ports and make the PC invisible to outside attacks. Once you do, which even novice users can do, it gets the job done. It’s quite fool-proof, besides. Even when attempting to change the setting through the Task Manager or tweaking the Registry, you can’t disable it.

At the end of the day, what you get is a competent all around protection suite with the antivirus leading the pack with its malware clean-up and real-time protection as the best performing features among its functions.  Overall, the Avira Internet Security does the job as promised but our own test shows, is admittedly not the best in its class.

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