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Lavasoft File Shredder
July 30, 2011    
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Lavasoft File Shredder is a Data Destruction Software for Windows and created by Publisher Lavasoft Ltd.

Lavasoft File Shredder Summary

Lavasoft File Shredder is one of the three tools composing Lavasoft’s own data security line of products. This powerful file-shredding program utilizes three main overwriting algorithms used in the military and government: HMG Infosec Standard 5, U.S.Department of Defense Sanitizing, and US Army AR380-19. Aside from these three, it also supports other nine overwriting algorithms to permanently delete any recoverable trace of your data. File Shredder is a light program at 5.02MB and installs without interruption or problem. Like the other two software consisting Lavasoft’s data security suite, this one has also received positive reviews online.

Lavasoft File Shredder Features

Lavasoft File Shredder can completely permanently remove any type of file on your system. Aside from the three main overwriting algorithms, the program also uses enhanced HMG Infosec Standard 5, Bruce Schneier's algorithm, Peter Gutmann's algorithm, Navy Staff Office Publication, The National Computer Security Center, Air Force System Security Instruction 5020, German Standard VSITR, OPNAVINST 5239.1A, and National Security Agency’s algorithm. With these options, you can be hundred percent certain that any sensitive data recoverable from your drives are shredded into pieces, away from the malicious hands of thefts.

Apart from permanently removing unwanted files, File Shredder also detects and deletes previous versions of files located in your system restore file that are automatically saved and hidden by your operating system. Further, all temporary files can be cleaned out, which is necessary in keeping cookies from storing information about you. It can also delete Internet history, computing history, and messenger chat history, very important in the workplace when you do not want your boss to know what you have been doing during the wee hours.

To make shredding easier, File Shredder creates a special shredding bin on your desktop during installation. This shredding bin makes shredding files easier, since you just need to drop files there you want permanently gone. Of course, you can also use the browse option when locating files or folders you want to delete, but make the task easier by using the drag-and-drop function. When retrieving wasted space in your system, the program can help you clean free space on your drives, which is necessary for optimization and regaining the space taken by deleted files.

Lavasoft File Shredder User Interface

Lavasoft File Shredder has an easy-to-use interface that is quite similar to Piriform’s CCleaner. The layout is simple and clean, and there is not much explanation or texts to read. The Help button on the top-right portion is unnecessary because the interface is easy to understand. The menu buttons are located on the left-side portion; you can select from there the shredding alternatives you want, whether files and folders, free disk space, system files, or recycle bin. Below that area is the miscellaneous buttons for settings, update, and subscription, and farther below is the exit button. Of course, do not forget that the program supports drag and drop, so always use it to make your life easier.

Lavasoft File Shredder Review

Without question, Lavasoft File Shredder is on the top tier among proprietary file shredders. The overwriting algorithms are definitely high-end, ensuring that you can literally eradicate any sensitive data that may harm your reputation or life.  English, Swedish, and German are the supported languages, and it works with the latest versions of Windows. Again, if you have a lot of sensitive data to get rid of, this is an important program to have, but if you just want to free some white space on your drives, you might not need to spend $29.95 for a one-year license. There are freeware programs out there that do the job of cleaning out your system efficiently, but trying out File Shredder for 30 days will surely be worth the time.

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