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iolo System Shield
March 18, 2011    
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iolo System Shield is an Antivirus Software with antispyware capabilities for windows created by Publisher iolo Technologies, LLC.

Maximum but Subtle Protection with iolo System Shield

iolo System Shield Product Summary

As the technology today brings the world’s citizens into the iGeneration, it has also made more resources like applications and software available to make the user’s work simpler. However, as more of these products are installed on your computer’s drive, whether directly from the Internet or a CD/DVD source, you are increasing the risk of malware and virus to enter your system, and destroy all your files and folders. Several manufacturers encourage users to utilize two or more antivirus software. An example of this is the iolo System Shield, which can be quite helpful if you only need one antispyware. It can adapt easily to your computer’s multi-tasking ability, and scan through files without slowing down your system. The settings can be adjusted according to your preference.

iolo System Shield Features

This antivirus features up to date security tools, which can prevent and remove over two million types of computer threats. Its invisible real-time protection will let you multi-task as much as you want without being interrupted by notifications and alerts. The system is designed to work very subtly, and almost non-existent, so it will not interfere with your business. The iolos Shield also provides you with maximum protection, not only in system performance but also in privacy with your personal information, which you may have entered on some web pages or emails, as well as those details that must have been saved automatically to the browser’s history. These threats that have been found in your machine’s system are instantly removed or sent to the quarantine folder.

iolo System Shield User Interface

The antivirus is created to work as smoothly as possible. You don’t have to worry about scheduled scans slowing down the system while you are downloading products or playing online. Applications and installations are not interrupted by pop-ups that some programs will give during inconvenient hours. You will find that the computer will run even with the presence of window activities and add-ons in the background. It automatically neutralizes threats and removes viruses swiftly without alarming you.

iolo System Shield Review

The software comes with programs which are helpful in dealing with computer threats. The iolo Antivirus is responsible for preventing unwanted bugs like malware, root kits, and Trojans from entering and destroying your drives. Its Antispyware, as the name implies, gets rid of spyware, key loggers, and adware. These will protect you from pages and viruses that aim to steal your personal and very private information, as well as some debilitating parasites. It is installed with a Hyperscan Technology, which provides you maximum protection anytime, even while your computer is not in use. This feature can combat external and internal attacks in real-time setting. It is also built with a Sentient Utility Tool, which uses an advanced type of artificial intelligence to distinguish normal from malicious performance or behavior, and fix those files that have been affected or items that difficult to classify. All of these programs are easy to install, and these will not take too much space on your memory. While these technologies van stand alone, it is wise to install them as a whole to experience maximum protection for your computer.

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