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Mcafee Total Protection
November 24, 2010    
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Mcafee Total Protection is an all-in-one security software created by publisher Mcafee Inc.

Clean Up Your Work with McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection Product Summary

Usually, a computer is considered safe when it is installed with two or more antivirus devices. Take note that this does not yet include the number of antispyware and scanners that you may be encouraged to buy for your machine. Fortunately, manufacturers have found a way to combine all of these services into only one product, so you won’t need to max out your computer’s storage space. An example would be the McAFee Total Protection, which has combined the cleaning and scanning process of an antivirus, plus the anti-theft feature of an antispyware.

McAfee Total Protection Features

To attain maximum protection, the product offers the McAfee Anti-Theft system, which enables you to build your own encrypted vaults where you can store any personal data or information that should always be on hand. These compartments are hidden from view most of the time but are easily accessible and operational when you need them. To make sure that you won’t lose any important records, an Online Data Backup is available to create temporary facts and figures that may be essential to your work. This is in partnership with Mozy, a highly reputable application that can provide a large integrated space on the Internet. You can store up to 2GB of backup documents if you have to. The Quick Clean Tool is responsible for locating possible computer threats inside every files and folders that you own, while the Disk Defragmenter makes it a point to fix those corrupted files that can be recovered. The McAfee Shredder also helps in getting rid of suspicious documents from your computer permanently.

McAfee Total Protection User Interface

The McAfee Total Protection is reported to be very easy to operate because of its Simplistic User Interface. This makes sure that the user is able to adjust the device’s setting according to his preference without difficulty. The design of each component is arranged in such a way that you can access it without opening other windows or files within a specific number of folders. A Scan Scheduler and an Idle Timer coordinate with each other to ensure that scanning will be done at an opportune time, probably when the product detects that major activity processes are not running on the background. This is so that downloading, installations, or playing will not be interrupted or slowed down because of too many procedures running at the same time.

McAfee Total Protection Review

As it is with McAfee users, the support you will get from its customer service does not stop when you’ve finally purchased one of their products. Usually their management will be available to answer all your inquiries via their official forum online or through a simple call. The Total Protection Software also runs on credible components, so there is no need for you to worry about a possible replacement for the product. In terms of Internet security, the device enlists the help of a Site Advisor, which gives security ratings about a certain web page that you may be inclined to enter. Its Firewall setting monitors personal information and data that could be detrimental to the user’s identity when spread to other people. Of course, the McAfee Total Protection uses a powerful Antivirus and Antispyware to protect your system from worms, Trojans, malware, root kits etc. This product is available worldwide, and trial downloads can be obtained from the McAfee website.

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