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Ad Aware Total Security
July 30, 2011    
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Software Summary

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Lavasoft Ad-aware Total Security is an All-In-One Security Software for Windows and created by Publisher Lavasoft Ltd.

Ad-Aware Total Security Summary

The Lavasoft Ad-Aware Total Security is an internet security application that gives protection and security against unwanted rookits and other types of malware. The product basically comes with a firewall, controls, and backup for its system. The application is a very good option for users, and allows them to have complete confidence and assurance while using the Internet with its advance anti-malware and anti-spyware toolkits, socializing with other people with its unique features that allow privacy, and maintaining the PC’s state and functionality with its system settings modules.

Ad-Aware Total Security Features

As mentioned above, the Lavasoft Ad-Aware Total Security software basically has a firewall, control, and backup systems. Aside from these, the application also has a wide array of features that are not only important for the software security, but they also improve and enhance its performance and outlook. The product has a built-in scanning utility that detects dangerous viruses and other forms of unwanted threats and spyware.

The software also provides a thorough protection for the system against any types of malware that could be harmful to it. Its advanced anti-spyware features are fused with the latest anti-virus developed to provide the user the best security available. Aside from these, the program also has a technology that provides exceptional many layered detection of any unwanted content within the system.

This feature enables the user to keep away from any malware application or content circulating around the system using tools that include cloud security and a heuristics detector. Another feature is a two-way firewall that protects the user’s PC from unauthorized and unwanted access made by cybercriminals (hackers and such). This firewall is easy to operate and control.

And a further special feature of the application enables users to detect and purge any unfriendly malware within the system quickly with a special behavior-based scanner. Other highlighting features provided by the software include, but are not limited to, a special system that removes rootkit, tools for removing malware and spyware, a do-not-disturb mode that allows the software to operate without being interfered or interfering the user’s activities, a download module that monitors every downloaded contents, a special tool that monitors the software processes, an auto start manager, a file editor, parental control tools, backup and data recovery systems, a file shredder, and many others.

Ad-Aware Total Security User Interface

The Lavasoft Ad-Aware Total Security software is relatively easy to learn and use. Its user friendly and organized graphical unit interface allows good accessibility of the tools and modules needed to utilize the application and protect the system. Its default settings have high performance capabilities and even these can be further improved through customizing the program.

Ad-Aware Total Security Software Review

Lavasoft Ad-Aware Total Security is produced by producers with the same name. The Lavasoft team is renowned worldwide as pioneers of internet security software, winning many awards and recognition for their products. The application is a great protection against adware, spyware, viruses, Trojans, key loggers, worms, hackers, high jackers, identity thieves, phishing, malfunctioning anti-spyware, and any other unwanted software, threats, websites, and pop-ups. A large community that consists of the Lavasoft team and other users provide substantial help and support to the user.

User manuals, forums, knowledge base, and other technical supports are easily accessible through the main website. The application’s unique scanning utilities and methodologies make the entire software package the best among its peers. Its features provide impeccable functionality and usability that makes protection of the system from unwanted elements absolute. Enough said, the Lavasoft Ad-Aware Total Security application is a must-have for all users who want a safe system where they could interact through the Internet with complete and utter peace of mind.

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