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PDF Software

PDF Software

Want to produce a document that will print out and look exactly how you created it regardless of the equipment and Operating System of your file's recipient? Want to edit such files? How can you be assured no one has tampered with your sensitive documents? PDF software meets all these concerns and streamlines any home or business file management.

What Is PDF Software? (Portable document format)

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February 25, 2011    

Adobe Acrobat X Suite is a PDF Software with Adobe Photoshop included for Windows and Mac OS with focus on creating multimedia PDF Documents for business professionals including presentations, proposals, and training materials. Created by Publisher Adobe Systems Incorporated.

5.0 (1)
February 24, 2011    

Adobe Acrobat X Pro is a PDF Software for Windows and Mac OS with focus on creating, edit and improving PDF Documents and created by Publisher Adobe Systems Incorporated.

4.8 (3)
February 25, 2011    

Adobe Acrobat X Standard is a PDF Software for Windows and Mac OS with focus on creating and writing PDF Documents and created by Publisher Adobe Systems Incorporated.

4.8 (1)
April 21, 2011    

Discontinued Product, This product is no longer sold by Nitro PDF, Inc.

Nitro PDF Express is a PDF Software for Windows and created by Publisher Nitro PDF, Inc.

4.3 (1)
May 05, 2011    

Corel PDF Fusion is a PDF Software for Windows and created by Publisher Corel Corporation.

0.0 (0)
April 22, 2011    

Nitro Pro is a PDF Software for Windows and created by Publisher Nitro PDF, Inc.

0.0 (0)
March 04, 2011    

Nuance PDF Converter for Mac is a PDF Software for Mac OS X created by Nuance Communications, Inc.

0.0 (0)
December 06, 2010    

Nuance PDF Create is a PDF Software for windows created by publisher Nuance Communcations, Inc.

0.0 (0)
December 06, 2010    

Nuance PDF Converter is a PDF Software for windows created by Nuance Communications, Inc.

0.0 (0)
December 06, 2010    

Nuance PDF Converter Professional is a PDF Software for windows created by Nuance Communications, Inc.

0.0 (0)
10 results - showing 1 - 10

PDF Software

PDF Software Resource & Information

What is PDF software?

Have you ever spent hours on a document—researching, writing, compiling, collating, editing, polishing, and beefing it up—only to find out that the recipient can't open your file? Have you spent a lot of hours putting together a document and formatting it so it looks nice and professional only to learn that the recipient's print out jumbled up your formatting and the document is almost unreadable? Have you had difficulties editing a PDF file? How about signing one?

Thankfully, the scenarios above are now fast becoming unlikely due to the increase usage of PDF software. PDF software handles the 4 most common tasks involved in handling PDF files: creating, converting, editing, and signing.

What are PDF Files and why do you need PDF Software?

PDF stands for Portable document format. The PDF format STANDARDIZES global file display by taking differing, often clashing file standards, across a wide range of operating systems, and converting them into one universal format, which can be viewed, edited, and printed out with the same appearance as the file's creator.

PDF creation, conversion, editing, and signing standardization has streamlined business processes and saved so much time, money, and effort—resources which used to be wasted dealing with conflicting file standards and coming up with workarounds. However, not all PDF software are alike. Keep our software guide criteria discussed below firmly in mind when comparing differing PDF software packages. The differences may translate to a lot of lost money and time.

Assessing PDF creation and conversion

The following concerns discuss PDF software's ability to create PDF files out of many differing document formats:

How many formats does it support?

Format support is the cornerstone of any PDF conversion software title. This is one situation where the old saying of “the more the merrier” definitely applies. PDF software that focuses only on a narrow range of formats must be avoided. Given how fast office technology evolves and how the Internet's global reach expanded the variety of document types any particular office or individual could come across, format support diversity is crucial. Supporting a wide range of formats lets your office or personal computer keep up with a fast evolving business/correspondence world. A limited range of original format inputs might handcuff you to a software program that can't keep up with changing standards.

How extensive is its support of PDF formatting options/designs? How many multimedia formats can it support?

Every document is different. A lot of correspondence documents are quite plain—no special formatting or special art. However, some documents require extra graphic elements because they are meant to explain concepts, make a sale, convey a brand, and a host of other purposes. Document design/formatting is as numerous as the differing types of documents. A good PDF software package must be able to convert graphic elements into PDF exactly as it appears in the original document. As convert PDF software evolves, this previously difficult task has gotten easier and easier through the years.

The current state of the art PDF software titles focus on multimedia formatting. As recent as a few years ago, PDF file creators were content with mere graphic design and text conversion. The concept of PDFs with embedded sound and video files was often thought of as unnecessary. It was looked at as an unnecessary expense. This attitude all changed with the rise of streaming media on the Internet. Suddenly, presentations often felt incomplete without a touch of video or animation. This new expectation carried over to the realm of documents. Many document creators truly learned from the old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. If pictures were worth thousands of words, then video must be worth millions.

To keep up with the rise of video embedded files in business and correspondence documentation, the latest wave of PDF conversion software carries video support. When appraising this feature, make sure to keep in mind the differing original video formats/standards that are supported by the PDF software you are considering. The more supported video formats the better.

How many printing formats can it support? Does it have strong printing fidelity?

Ultimately, most documents are made to be printed out. However, not all printers are the same. Differing printer families use differing printing standards. While the original document may print out nicely using certain equipment, it might look horrible (even if already ported into PDF and printed) if the recipient's printer doesn't support the original document's printer standard. Since we really can't control who our document's recipients will be, it is important that the PDF software we use must accommodate as wide a range of printer standards as possible. This situation is specially true if you use PDFs for business or have global recipients.

To make sure that your converted PDF document prints out nicely among a wide range of printers, check your PDF software's supported printer standards listing. The more printer standards supported, the better.

Assessing PDF editing and signing capabilities

The following concerns discuss PDF software's ability to edit and sign PDF files:

How extensive is its editing functionalities?

One common situation with PDF files is the loss of the original, preconverted, document. While it's extremely easy to edit a soft copy of an original file and convert it into a PDF file, it's much harder to edit an existing PDF file. As recently as a few years ago, many PDF editors did a very poor job of editing PDF files. The final form was very clunky and unprofessional. Lots of misformatting and rough appearing documents. This problem was prevalent in formatted PDF files that contained artwork or special backgrounds and designs.

Thankfully, the latest generation of PDF software has smoother editing functions that edit existing PDF files well enough that they can be passed off as originals (ie., original files edited and converted into PDF files).

How safe and reliable is its digital signature features?

One major development in PDF software lately is the ability to verify the contents of a PDF file to prevent alteration of the document after it has been created. This feature is very important for contracts, project specifications, and other important documents. It protects the trust between sender and receiver. The digital signature feature designates Reader Rights to a select person or group of persons who can access the document and/or sign it.

When assessing the digital signature features of the PDF software package you are considering, inquire about which security certificate standard it is using. Make sure that it is using the highest level security certificate and that the certificate is up to date. Be careful of out of date certifications. Pay careful attention to how it handles the security process—does the application only create a public key or does it also have a private key. Where does the application store the private key? Is it fully encrypted? Which encryption standard does it use? Make sure that the standard is current and up to date.

Besides digital signatures for document integrity, PDF files can now be signed to indicate the approval of the parties exchanging documents. When the signer clicks to sign a document, the 'signer's digital signature will appear in the signature portion of the form. Unlike a hand written signature or manually printed mark, digital signatures' information is encoded in the PDF. Only PDFs that have been designated with Reader rights can be signed. When assessing digital signing features, the same considerations regarding file integrity must be taken into account.

Ease of use - The silent budget killer

Is it intuitive and easy to use?

Difficulty of use is one commonly neglected source of added cost for any piece of software. Hard to figure out interfaces and intimidating dashboard design or layout adds extra hours to the learning process. Since time is money, user difficulty translates to added cost. Moreover, an intimidating design and interface conspire to make the software's operator use the software less. This is a big problem since you won't be fully utilizing the software and is only getting back a fraction of the value you paid for.

Make sure to try out a demo version of the software packages you are evaluating. See how far you can go figuring out the functions of the software simply by looking at the interface and clicking on the explanatory text messages designed with the interface.

The bottom line of PDF software

PDF conversion software technology has gone a long way from its early forms. Make sure you evaluate software packages using the considerations listed above so you can make the right decision in terms of features, overall value, and cost savings.