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DVD Burning Software

DVD Burning Software

Are you worried about scratching your original DVDs? Looking to back up your DVD movie collection? Looking to copy your compact disks or store your iTunes anthology collection? If so, you need DVD burning software. There are many kinds of software under this category and they vary widely. Let us guide you through the process of finding the right burning software for your particular needs.

DVD Burning Software Explained

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January 03, 2011    

Nero Burning ROM is a DVD Burning Software with CD and Bluray Capabilities for Windows created by Publisher Nero AG.

5.0 (3)
November 30, 2010    

Roxio Popcorn is a dvd burning software for Mac created by publisher Roxio division of Sonic Solutions.

0.0 (0)
November 30, 2010    

NTI Dragon Burn is a dvd burning software for Mac created by publisher NTI Corporation.

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November 30, 2010    

Roxio Toast Titanium is a DVD Burning software for Mac created by publisher Roxio division of Sonic Solutions.

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November 30, 2010    

MyDVD Video Lab is a dvd burning software created by publisher Roxio division of Sonic Solutions.

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November 28, 2010    

NTI Media Maker is a DVD Burning Software created by publisher NTI Corporation.

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November 28, 2010    

DVD Copy Plus is a dvd burning software created by Corel Corporation.

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7 results - showing 1 - 7

DVD Burning Software

DVD Burning Software Resource & Information

What is DVD Burning Software?

DVD burning software has gone a long way in terms of functionality and innovation since they first came out. Originally, DVD burning software was a subcategory of disk burning software. Disk burning software is used primarily to burn local files onto DVD disks. DVDs allow you to write onto DVD disc media. This is its most basic function because it allows you to quickly and easily back up your complete data collection. This data can range from music CDs, DVD movies, camcorder footage, massive graphics files generated with Photoshop and other graphic design software, or just your massive iTunes or MP3 collection. When it comes to leveraging the raw storage power of DVD discs, DVD burning software is the tool that you need. However, there is a wide range of disparity between various DVD burning software titles. These differences can either cost you money or add value. That’s why you need to choose wisely.

These differences vary based on the following criteria: core features, duplication quality, overall software stability, and user friendliness/ ease of use and installation ease. This guide analyzes each consideration in detail. We urge users to apply these criteria to their particular usage patterns and their particular DVD creation and usage situations in order to find the best software package for their personal situation.

DVD Burning Features

The key features you should look for in evaluating any DVD burning software title can be summed up in the following list.

Copying speed

This is the basic bench mark of any DVD software title. If a particular software title takes forever to burn a DVD, this slowness pretty much renders the application worthless. You will probably end up feeling ripped off or you might be discouraged from using the software. While the copying process may be running in the background, it still taxes the resources of your computer and your whole system might run slowly. Even if the DVD copying progress monitor is minimized, you are, at some level, still aware of the background process and most users would prefer this as short as possible. This is the key factor: copying speed. Take a look at the software package and make sure that it copies at a speed that matches your particular preferences, requirements, and comfort level.

CSS decryption

CSS or the content scramble system is an encryption system which is embedded in all DVD players. This system prevents DVD players to just play any kind of DVD. The DVD must be licensed first, before the CSS and the DVD player can read it. CSS decryption “unlocks” the content scramble system. Not all software packages carry CSS decryption. The absence of this feature might be a deal killer if you plan to use your DVD burning software for archiving content DVDs.

Hard Drive Copy Support

Your software should be able to take an existing DVD, make a copy locally, and copy that to the target DVD. Also, it should be able to not only copy from your hard drive but also copy to your hard drive. This is a very basic feature and most DVD burning software titles have this. Beware of any title that doesn’t have this basic feature. This feature's absence would definitely be a red flag.

Support for Bonus Content

Movie DVDs have different chapters where they include bonus materials. Some common examples are soundtrack music, videos for the movie, and the director’s commentary on the movie. Depending on your needs, you may need to copy this material to fully preserve your DVD copy. In accordance with US copyright law and copyright law’s fair use doctrine, owners of copyrighted materials have a legal right to an archive copy of a full and working version of their copyrighted property.

Menu Support

Most DVDs have a content menu in the beginning where you can select subsections of the DVD. This impacts content presentations because major menu divisions come in terms of the main content, bonus material, supporting materials, and other content divisions. This is a very basic feature of DVD burning software. Be careful of any software package that does not have this feature.

Support for Episodic DVDs

While DVDs store a lot more information than standard CDs, they do have a storage limit. As large as this limit is, there are many forms of content like video games, for example, that routinely span multiple disks. Make sure that the software title you are considering supports episodic DVDs and multiple DVD formats. Again, this is a very basic feature and must be treated as non-negotiable. If the software title you are considering does not have this feature, walk away and pick another one because this feature seriously impacts your enjoyment of the software.

DVD 5 compression support

DVD discs have two differing formats: DVD 9 and DVD 5. DVD 5 can store less information. If you have a DVD that uses the DVD 9 format, you have to compress it first to fit a DVD 5 disk. Not all software supports this but most DVD burning software titles do. In fact, it is so well supported that, once again, if your particular package does not come with this software, choose another title. You need this feature so you are up to date with DVD technology and flexibly accommodate both DVD 9 and DVD 5 formats.

Restoration Functionality

Some software packages restore scratched DVDs or defective DVDs for a variety of reasons. The original media might have been scratched or coded in a defective way so that the data is encoded in a fairly usable but definitely problematic manner. Some DVD burning software packages have his feature. This feature involves the ability to read the defective material and write it in a correct form. Whether the disc was scratched to a certain degree so that a DVD player can’t play it or it was encoded in a defective manner so a DVD player can’t read it, using the right DVD software title can help you restore previously damaged media. This is quite a handy feature to have but not all software titles have this feature.

Region Code Removal

Depending on the country you’re located in, differing DVD region codes may be installed on the disk. This might be problematic if your DVD player is configured in a certain way. Also this might act as a restriction for many users. Since they bought the DVD title they are within their rights to remove the region code.

Merge DVDs

The merge feature allows you to merge different DVDs to the same media. This is great if you have older DVDs that are compressed in an older compression format. Use this feature to recompress them so can fit into one disk. This also applies to CD-ROMs. Not all DVD software packages have this feature. If merging content is high on your priority list, be on the lookout for this feature on the software feature list.

Support for Buffer Underrun Protection

Make sure your software/hardware supports Buffer Underrun Protection. If your computer for different reasons are not able to transfer data fast enough to your Media Recorder a buffer underrun will occur and most probably destroys the recording. This was often a problem in older systems with slower hard drives, processors and bandwidth or with other interruptions in the data flow. With this kind of support your recorder depending on brand will be able to slow down or completely halt recording until buffer is refilled with data and move on with the recording.

DVD Burning Software Criterias

Copy Quality

Copy quality is the most important function of the DVD burning process. In order to meet this core objective, your DVD burning software must have the ability to support differing output media formats. The quality of DVD produced by your software must be the same as the original content that you copied, compiled, or merged. The key elements to look for is the amount of pixelation, overall faithfulness to the source content, the level of content degradation, and the amount of blurring motion. Not all DVD burning software produce the same level of copy quality so be very careful. Try to get a demo version if you can. There are many software packages with limited functionality demos. These are normally restricted versions of the software where it would allow you to burn a copy of a DVD movie or any other content to a DVD disk and you can then check the resulting DVD to see of its copying quality.

This is probably the most crucial consideration in selecting the DVD burnings software for your needs. What’s the point of having a very robust feature set and a low price when the software produces substandard quality copies or produces content copies that don’t meet your requirements? Be very careful when it comes to copying quality.

Stability of the Application

Software stability is a very important factor to consider because DVD burning software draws a lot of resources from your computer. Depending on your hardware configuration, this could be a very problematic situation if you’re running heavy applications on multiple windows. The low system resource availability might even interfere with the quality of the DVD copy you are producing. To prevent this, pay careful attention to the stability of the software title you are considering. Very stable programs are not disrupted when other resource-hungry applications run on other windows. The only way you can determine this is by running a restricted demo of the software package under consideration

Easy User Interface

The key features to look for in terms of ease of use and level of intuitiveness are ease of navigation, clear design, and easy interaction. Another key consideration is whether key features have mouse over support so you can see the explanation of the feature. Alternatively, look for a quick title on what the feature is about or, even better, see if there’s a clickable link that leads to a help window that explains the feature. Some help windows even guide you through basic operations. Differing software packages vary widely when it comes to level of intuitiveness and ease of use. Depending on your level of technical proficiency, this consideration might or might not be a deal killer.

Installation Consideration

DVD burning software is a fairly common application. Most people who use disk media would need this type of software. Given such a large user base, ease of installation must be a key consideration to keep in mind. You don’t want a software package requires hacker or geek technical proficiency just to install. If it was that complicated to install, can you imagine what a hassle it is to operate or to customize settings? While not as important as ease of use and level of intuitiveness, this is still a very important factor because installation is your first experience with the software. If it’s going to give you a hard time at this stage, then the software package might not be worth your time.

DVD Burning Software: The Conclusion

DVD burning software fast becoming a necessary utility. While many hardware configurations comes bundled with DVD burning software, many don’t have the full range of features nor produce the copy quality that you may be comfortable with. Use this guide to assess your DVD copy needs and find the right title for your particular situation.