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Disk Defragmentation Software

Disk Defragmentation Software

Your hard drive is a central part of your computer system. It stores all your data and applications. If your hard drive suffers from problems managing its stored information, your whole system will suffer. Defragment your hard drive regularly so it can manage its stored information more effectively and efficiently. Use this guide to find the proper disc defragmenter software that fits your particular needs.

What is Disk Defragmentation Software?

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March 02, 2011    

IObit Smart Defrag is a free Disk Defragmentation Software for Windows created by Publisher IObit.

4.5 (3)
March 03, 2011    

IObit Smart Defrag Server is a Disk Defragmentation Software for Windows Servers created by Publisher IObit.

2.5 (1)
July 20, 2011    

0&0 Defrag Professional is a Disk Defragmentation Software for Windows created by Publisher 0&0 Software GmbH.

0.0 (0)
June 13, 2011    

Systweak Advanced Disk Optimizer is a Disk Defragmentation Software for Windows and created by Publisher Systweak, Inc.

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April 20, 2011    

Laplink Defrag Professional is a Disk Defragmentation Software for Windows and created by Publisher Laplink Software, Inc.

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January 13, 2011    

Diskeeper Server is a Disk Defragmentation Software for Windows Servers created by Diskeeper Corporation.

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January 13, 2011    

Diskeeper Professional is a Disk Defragmentation Software for windows created by Diskeeper Corporation.

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January 13, 2011    

Diskeeper Home is a Disk Defragmentation Software for windows created by Diskeeper Corporation.

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8 results - showing 1 - 8

Disk Defragmentation Software

Disk Defragmentation Software Resource & Information

What is Disk Defragmentation Software?

When Microsoft Windows first came out, it shipped with a disc defragmenter utility and a check disc tool for the MS DOS operating system. Disk defragmentation software is not new. It has been around for a long time and rightfully so because this utility greatly impacts the health of the data on your hard drive.

What is data fragmentation and how does Disk Defragmentation work?

Hard drives store information by randomly putting bits of information on a disk and eventually this amount of data builds up over time. Due to the random allocation of data, the data is stored in a very inefficient pattern. It might take a bit longer or take more resources from your hard drive to access the data that you stored. As you store more and more data on your hard drive, data storage inefficiency only gets worse and worse. This is called data fragmentation. At its core, disk defragmentation rearranges the data on your hard drive so it is easier for the hard drive to reach the data and also to avoid data crashes. Sometimes data is so badly organized on the hard drive that it causes data conflicts and data corruption. Data conflicts and corruption produce the same result - lost data.

Your stored information is obviously very important. Nobody has to convince you that your personal family pictures, vacation pictures, business records or tax records are important. Most of the time, general users only have one copy of these important pieces of personal files. Sadly, a hard drive crash or data corruption can wipe these out. Recovering lost data can be quite a costly situation. At the very least, you have to spend money on data recovery software. Failing that, you may be faced with hefty data recovery fees by specialized firms.

To avoid the nightmare of data corruption and software-induced hard drive failure, it is very important that you make data disc defragmenting a key part of your overall computer operation maintenance and routine. While you could go with the default Windows defragmenter that comes with your Windows 7, Vista, or XP operating system, there are more robust packages available on the market today.

Evaluating Disc Defragmenter Software Packages

Disc defragmenting software focuses on just one key function, defragmenting your disc. While it may seem simple, there are actually different sub-operations for this task. It is important to look for key features in disc defragmenter software that have these sub-operations. Another key consideration when comparing this disc defragmentation suboperation features is to pay attention to how a software package labeled the operation because you would want to be comparing apples to apples. Make sure that you are comparing the same operation so you will know whether you are getting a good value or not. Certain software packages re-label an operation one way and another software package labels it another way, but it is still the same operation. Take a look at the description. One key basic operation that disc defragmenter software should have is that it analyzes the drive. There must be a suboperation that goes through the shape of the data and the drive and again, this comes under different names. Make sure you are comparing software with software.

Some other operations are error checking, defragmentation during booting, and system file optimization and page file optimization. It is very important to keep those key factors in mind.

Other elements that your disc defragmenter software might have are not as crucial. These features would be nice to have because they either boost usability which makes it easier for you to use the software package. These features also encourage you to use it more often. These features also support differing types of hardware and data types. These supplemental features include graphical drive display. The more graphic the display is, the easier it is to understand the defragmentation process. Make sure what kind of display it has and how easy it is to understand.

History Logs

Having a software which logs defragmentation history can also be very helpful because you need a record of when you last defragmented and what the results were.

Task Scheduling

Since defragmentation takes a lot of system resources and your hard drive is always spinning, it is definitely very helpful to schedule defragmentation tasks in the future where you are not working on your computer.

Background Defragmentation and Real-time Defragmentation

This mean that while you are working, the system is not actively consuming all computer resources that whatever you are working on slows you down even more. Background defragmentation really softens the process and frustration of working on a very slow down system.

RAID Drive Support

Another key feature to look for and consider is whether the disc defragmenter software supports RAID. RAID hard drive configurations are most used in web servers. If you are running a server, you definitely need RAID drive support for your defragmenter software.

Solid State Drive (SSD) Support

Solid State Drives are becoming really popular now and these drives are very fast because your data is stored in an integrated circuit chip inside the drive. There are no moving parts, so it is more secure against data loss or hardware failure from shocks and impacts. Not all disc defragmenter software support SSD drives. If you see yourself getting an SSD drive in the future or if you have one now, definitely look for SSD support in the software.

64 bit OS support

Finally, the disc defragmenter software should support 64-bit operating systems. Thankfully, almost all of them have it, but there are some older packages floating around the market and they do not support a 64-bit environment, so keep an eye out for those.

Technical Support Considerations

When considering any piece of software, always consider the possibility that you will run into problems and that you would need support at some time in the future. Most software packages have a wide range of support options. Most have a knowledge-based FAQ system. Others have E-mail support, voice support and live support. Whatever software package you are considering, contemplate what kind of support option you are most comfortable with. Ideally software should be supported by all of these types of support modes. However, live support, certain types of E-mail support and phone support cost money. Keep this in mind when considering defragmenter software support features. One key thing to keep in mind is that the more popular your disc defragmenter software is, the higher the likelihood that whatever support questions you run into has already been asked sometime in the past and there is already knowledge-based item or FAQ item addressing that issue.

The Bottom Line of Disk Defragmentation Software

Disc defragmentation cannot be ignored. It is really an extremely important part of the health of your computer system. While it does not need to be done every day like running an antivirus software or anti spyware software, it still is crucial enough to merit your attention and give your proper time because data crashes are not pleasant experiences. You do not want to go through the time and hassle and expense of going through data recovery and, of course, losing valuable data. Protect yourself by investing in disc defragmenter software that meets your particular needs and get peace of mind.