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Zynga Lays Off 314 Employees

This is painful news. As you probably already know, the US economy is kind of schizophrenic. Certain parts of the economy is just growing like gangbusters. If you don’t mind working in a very cold environment and dealing with natural gas and oil, you are sure to have a job in North or South dakota. […]

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Zynga’s Woes Continue with Shutdown of Yoville

Zynga, the biggest name in social gaming, is, of course, well known for Farmville. But did you know that Farmville is actually a later spin off of an earlier game. That’s right. If you’re a big Farmville fan, you would be pleased to know that Farmville is actually based on Yoville. Yoville pioneered certain game […]

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Zynga Starts Accepting Bit Coin Payments

The company behind the popular social games like Farmville and Mafia Wars, as well as Zynga poker, has announced that it’s starting to take bit coin payments for some of its online games. This is great news for people who are speculating in the bit coin crypto currency. As we have reported earlier, bit coin […]

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More Bad News For Zynga

Only a few years ago, the latest and greatest vision for gaming’s future laid not in fancy graphics, not in massively multiplayer rich environments and not in very deep score lines. The future of this described several years ago was in social gaming. Social gaming exemplified by Zynga and its products Farmville and Zynga Poker […]

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Zynga promotes New Chief Creative Officer

Social gaming pioneer Zynga’s been through the wringer lately-falling stock price, revenue issues, and an exodus of top talent. Well, Zynga does have a talent backbench and while many high-level staffers ran for the exits, Zynga has a crop of talent to take their place. The departure of Zynga’s Chief Creative Officer Mike Verdu last […]

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Is Zynga’s Collapse the Future of Social Gaming?

Social gaming used to be the buzz word in game development. Regardless of where you hobnobbed, whether it’s at E3 Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco, or at Gamescom, the buzz word that burdened the psyche of many game strategist, game industry observers, and video game bloggers was social gaming. It’s the next big thing. […]

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