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Google Eyeing Movie Offerings Soon

Google’s dominance in the world of popular software applications market is set to go even further as an insider has leaked information that the tech giant is pursuing plans to make its business of movie rentals in YouTube expanded. This is by making the service full-fledged and available outside the United States.  Reliable news sources […]

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YouTube Gone Extra Large

One of the best setups you can have for your entertainment center is to hook up your computer to your home theater system.  What has been dubbed the “Home Theater Personal Computer” (HTPC) has become one of the hottest and latest trends in home entertainment.  There are numerous advantages of connecting your computer to your […]

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The Problems Facebook Currently Faces

Games on down time and wrong information showing up are just a few of the bugs concerning Facebook. While the Facebook movie hype is sort of covering up this issue in some technology news sites and zines, Facebook users will not be distracted from the main problem: accounts that cannot be opened. What is terrible […]

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Is Google Controlling the Way We Surf?

There is the idea that Google has become so large that it has been synonymous to Internet surfing itself.  As Google is the search engine of choice for a large percentage of Internet users, it does not seem strange to think that Google has been influencing the way we surf the web greatly.  Connected to […]

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