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YouTube Content Flagging Drama Explodes

You don’t have to spend too much time on You Tube to quickly realize that there are a lot of potential copyright issues with You Tube. While it is arguably legal under the Safe Harbor Provisions of the U.S. Copyright Code to post snippets, excerpts or short clips of full on movies or TV shows […]

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Youtube TV: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

For the longest time, the idea of the Youtube TV was basically a no brainer. After all, what would be more natural extension of the popularity of one of the most heavily visited websites on the planet than having its own TV extension or device? Well, there are a lot of numbers involved and the […]

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Is The Knockout Game A Social Media Legend?

If you’ve been watching Fox News or paying attention to American media lately, you would notice that there is a big trend going on regarding young kids, mostly teenagers, walking up to alone person (normally, older white person) and just punching them to knock them out. This is called a knockout game and it already […]

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YouTube Looking to Improve Comments System

It is almost inevitable. You are watching a particularly entertaining or engaging YouTube view and you feel really good about the video. You scrolled down to the comments section and lo and behold, not just one but several dozen hater comments. Hater comments? We are talking about racist, sexist and other hateful comments. In addition, […]

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Screenshot of VidCaster

VidCaster Offers Freemium Customized Video Websites

The online video platform, VidCaster offers users with a free plan that enables its video SEO and site making features to be YouTube friendly. Through this startup users can develop their very own branded destination websites easily. The feature is aiming at making the online video publishing process profitable and more convenient for VidCaster users. […]

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Google TV Not as Bad as Some Think It Is

Google TV, the hybrid service that aims to incorporate Web and channel-surfing functions based on the Android operating system, may have undergone through rough patches for the past weeks.  The program, accessible through the Chrome Web browser of Google, has received less than shiny reviews.  A lot of testers have proclaimed that the product contains […]

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