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Windows 8 Just Might Change Everything

PC sales are declining, as per recent IDC reports, a real worry for the Redmond giant. But that’s not entirely surprising. Computer geeks have long panned the Windows OS with its glitchy performance and perennial vulnerability to all sorts of malware and security problems. While update patches come out regularly, they simply serve to simply […]

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Windows 8 to Be Available in Two Years?

After quite a successful launch of Microsoft 7, it seems that the market is highly anticipating the release of Windows 8.  Microsoft is working on it, speculators are assured, but company insiders are quick to point out that the all-new version of the Windows operating system will be taking quite a while to finish.  Reports […]

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A Close Look at Leaked Windows 8 Blueprint

There surely are a lot of rumors buzzing around Windows 8, after speculations that this would be a 128-bit OS that’s slated for release a couple of years from now.  With insider scoops on this new upgrade by Microsoft, it’s creating bigger waves in the news headlines.  Based on leaked documents and presentations of what […]

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