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Windows 8 preview shows weakness as uptake drags

While the initial release of the beta version of Windows 8 gave Microsoft reason to smile, it has all been downhill from there. Interest simply petered out for the supposed “game changer” OS which represents Microsoft’s answer to the combined threats of Google’s Android in the tablet market and Apple’s iOS in the smart phone […]

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Windows 8 poses a massive Microsoft gamble

Windows 8 will officially go on sale this coming fall. Those interested in a sneak peek at the new operating system can download the public preview. The new system has a slick touchable tile interface which can be customized. The new OS is aimed at helping Microsoft compete in the fast growing mobile device market. […]

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Embedded Windows 8 for Commercial Devices Launched

Microsoft is pushing hard the notion that its Windows operating system isn’t just for servers, tablets, and desktop computers. It is looking to use Windows 8 to enlarge its foothold in commercial devices like ATMs, point-of-sales retail systems, kiosks, and other commercial applications. Windows Embedded Standard 8 is the embedded version of Microsoft’s latest OS […]

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Microsoft outlines the enhanced power efficiency of Windows 8

Microsoft’s latest OS features “power hygiene”-a set of features that improve the efficiency of batteries for mobile gadgets and computing devices. Unlike previous OS series’ egalitarian treatment of active and inactive applications when it comes to machine resource allocation, Windows 8 stands to be more intelligent regarding the allocation of precious power resources. According to […]

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Intel faces rough times ahead on Windows 8

Intel faces a challenging 2012 ahead before any windfall lands on its coffers from powering up Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet, according to Minneapolis-based mid-market investment firm Piper Jaffray. In a research note, Gus Richard, analyst from Piper Jaffray, today said: “We believe CY12 (calendar year 2012) is shaping up to be a difficult year for […]

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