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Windows 8 was a total disaster in both revenue and user happiness. Latest rumor to come back is a full 180 and something called Windows 9.

Microsoft Rumored to be Working on Windows 9

As we’ve reported earlier, Windows 8.1 was a major reversal for Microsoft. Imagine spending millions of dollars hyping up a new product, mobilizing your sales marketing force, getting your partners excited, then launching the product and getting owned. This is precisely what happened with Microsoft. It encountered massive push back regarding the metro interface of […]

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Windows Phone Gets a Great Ally in Dell

Dell Computers is a veteran of the computer hardware market and that’s not just a platitude, that’s the real deal. Dell has been a hardware veteran that has dealt with the ups and downs and changing tastes of the hardware industry. If you thought that the fashion industry was fickle and people change their minds […]

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Windows 8 is a flop! Long live Windows

I hate to burst your bubble if you’re a big Windows fan but Windows 8 didn’t exactly hit a home run right after stepping onto the plate. In fact even we’re several innings into the game it still seems that Windows is consistently swinging and missing. The biggest miss, well judge for yourself actually going […]

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Graphics of the Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Already Working On Followup For Windows 8

The launch party confetti and the champagne glasses have been barely cleaned after Microsoft’s launch of Windows 8 and the software giant is reportedly already working on a follow up for the OS. Considering the high stakes involved, this is not surprising. After all, Microsoft views Windows 8 as its biggest chance at staying relevant […]

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Microsoft brand logo

Wall Street Not Sold on The New Windows 8

Microsoft has been a publicly traded company going on three decades now. For much of that time, it wasn’t a smart move to bet against the software giant from Redmond, Washington. Indeed, betting against the company that manufactured the operating software most of the world’s computers ran on was a sure way to lose money. […]

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Windows 8 Boots 50% Faster Than Windows 7

One of the most annoying features of any computing device is the amount of time you have to wait until the device boots up. This is an especially annoying hassle when you are dealing with mobile devices. That is why if you have not noticed, many smart phones boot up relatively quickly. It is because […]

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Simple Windows 8 system improves parental monitoring

Previous parental monitoring systems can be quite complicated-specially for adults who aren’t very technical-oriented. Hilarious as it may be, it would not be surprising to imagine a parent asking his kid to install a complicated parental monitoring system so he can supervise the kid’s computer activities. If Microsoft is right, with Windows 8, parents will […]

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