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Windows 8 is a flop! Long live Windows

I hate to burst your bubble if you’re a big Windows fan but Windows 8 didn’t exactly hit a home run right after stepping onto the plate. In fact even we’re several innings into the game it still seems that Windows is consistently swinging and missing. The biggest miss, well judge for yourself actually going […]

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Microsoft Ships 22 Bug Fixes for Windows with ETA Next Week

The Redmont software giant Microsoft today announced it will ship next week 13 new security patches that will fix 22 vulnerabilities in its applications Visio, Internet Explorer, and Visual Studio, including its Windows 7 OS. The upcoming Tuesday update lineup exceeds last month’s patch count but matches the total vulnerabilities to be fixed. Andrew Storm, […]

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Essential Windows 7 Tips

So Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system has been out for quite some time now, giving users ample time to get to know the software, how it works, and how to tweak it.  This is great news for users like you because it means that you can benefit from the findings that others have made.  In […]

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