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Is CES Popularity A Kiss Of Death?

It’s that time of year again. That’s right, it’s CES. The Consumer Electronic Show is the biggest consumer electronics industry confab of the year. All the biggest manufacturers, all the important people in the consumer electronics wholesale, retail and distribution industry will be in Las Vegas rubbing shoulders. This is where all the latest consumer […]

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Is Google Screwing itself with Google Glass?

The problem with being a technology innovator is that it is too easy to get blinded by all the upsides that the very real downsides have a way of slapping you upside the head and you end up inhaling the smoke of the competitors that left you behind. If you need any proof, just look […]

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Google Glass: Beyond the Hype and Promise

We’ve been talking on these pages about how powerful iPhones and the whole mobile revolution has been. It’s amazing that it’s only been six short years since the first iPhone debuted and now billions of people have smartphones and we live in an increasingly wireless world where data is collected from the real world and […]

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