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Bustle Reveals Key Clues in Online Content Funding

How many times have you heard that the internet is going to kill newspapers? Even if you haven’t heard that, you probably would have felt the effect of online media destroying traditional newspaper publications. The truth is the carnage hasn’t stopped yet. Newspapers’ subscription rate and circulation numbers continue to tank. Make no mistake about […]

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Vinod Khosla Gets Real at TechCrunch Disrupt Talk

Let’s skip the BS–we all know that in the venture capital bubble there’s a lot of unreality. There’s a lot hype and buzz and the drive to get a startup funded through several series and launched as an IPO is so intense that sometimes common sense and standard business practicalities fall by the wayside. This […]

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Why the Low Level of Statup Funding for Crowdsourcing

One of the hottest fields in silicon valley and the startup technology space in general is crowdsourcing. What’s not to love? After all crowdsourcing can reduce heavy manpower costs. In fact, even if you outsource to places like India and The Philippines, if you crowdsource, your costs might even be lower than outsourced labor. Crowdsourcing […]

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Is Crowdsourced Content the Future?

Make no mistakes about it, generating online content can be quite an expensive proposition. Hiring American writers or even recent college graduates can set you back quite a bit of money. Even if you lean heavily on unpaid interns, you still rack up a lot of costs in terms of working with those interns, supervising […]

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How to Avoid Startup Hype

If you are an investor looking to make money with a hot startup investment, you are on the right track. When it comes to possibly doubling, tripling, quadrupling or exploding your money, one of the best ways to do it is to invest in a startup. The great thing about technology startups is you don’t […]

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