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How to Spot Problem VCs Early on

This is a very interesting article to write because usually, when a venture capital firm steps up to your company and asks to fund it, it would be a very festive and happy occasion. However, there are certain VC deals and VC funding situations that you steer clear of. Instead of solving your problems, getting […]

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Nirvanix Confirms Shutdown Rumors

In a statement posted on its website, the cloud-based storage service provider, Nirvanix, confirmed every investor and third party cloud-based service users’ worst nightmare: It is shutting down. Nirvanix is a cloud-based storage services company that targets enterprise level clients. Although shut downs are sad events in of themselves, the problem with this particular shutdown […]

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Mobile App Startups Caught in a Fatal Catch-22

Unless you have a breakthrough app like Instagram, chances are your startup app company will be caught in catch-22. What is catch-22? You can’t raise funding because you don’t have traffic and you don’t have traffic because you can’t raise the funding you need to bring awareness about your app. The skeptical would-be investor would […]

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The Six Types of Tech Startup Businesses

This story is based on an infographic released by VentureBeat. All credit goes to VentureBeat for this story. If you have a tech idea and you would like to build a startup company so you can take your idea to the next level and truly make it live up to its fullest potential, it would […]

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Disruption 101

You probably have heard about disrupt or disruption quite a bit. If you are paying attention to technology startups, you keep hearing these terms kicked around. There’s a reason for that: people with money hear these terms and they are more likely to open their wallets and fund the company. These are not dumb people. […]

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