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Twitter’s Battle with Spam

If you think about it, you’re probably not going to make much money with Twitter if you just set up a twitter account and you just post links. In other words, you’re just spamming. You would be just be talking to avoid if you have no followers. You just basically wasting your time. You have […]

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What can one expect from twitter in 2014.

Twitter’s Product Design Direction for 2014

According to initiatives by Michael Sippey, Twitters VP of Product, we should expect certain development trends regarding the very popular 140 character micro-blogging platform called Twitter. Twitter is one of those online platforms that you either love or hate. It’s high up there with Facebook. Either you’re in love with it and you find it […]

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Racist Tweet Gets IAC PR Chief Fired

In what can only be described as the real-time power of social media to build or destroy careers, a PR executive at InterActiveCorp, also known as IAC, saw her career vaporize seemingly overnight. What was the offense? Well, she was headed to Africa, but to celebrate her upcoming treat, she tweeted the following “Going to […]

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Twitter Announces Nearby Service

I’m not sure if this is really practical news we could use. If anything, it does seem kind of freaky and might have possible privacy consequences. Be that as it may, Twitter has announced that it has rolled out a service feature to its micro blogging platform where if you are using a mobile device […]

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Possible Future directions for social media

It is easy to think that social media has reached its highest point-its zenith-with Facebook. In fact, it is too easy to conclude this considering all the bells and whistles that Facebook has packed into its system like face recognition in photos, smooth and easy tagging, and easy contact discovery and solicitation. It is easy […]

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