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Microsoft Introduces OfficeTalk

With the overwhelming success of Twitter and other social media platforms like Facebook, Microsoft introduces a Twitter-style app for business called OfficeTalk.  The business app  lets you post messages and update followers and members of the social network about events, projects, and activities in the office, similar to how it’s done with Twitter tweets. OfficeTalk […]

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MSN Juku: A Twitter Knockoff?

Microsoft seems bent on exploring and competing in all the areas of computing.  The company must be impressed with Twitter that it suddenly launched something quite similar to this networking site. At the moment, however, the application is still limited to just one country, China. MSN’s Juku Microsoft made use of its existing application, the […]

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Responsible Tweeting

With the prevalence of such networking sites and communication channels such as Facebook and Twitter, anybody can easily be a propagator of any message. Anyone can send out information in a blast for whatever intention one might have. On Monday last week, United States President Barack Obama called rapper Kanye West a “jackass” in an […]

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Internet Usage Doesn’t Affect Civic Participation

While others may have expected – or hoped – that the popularity of and the rapidly growing Internet usage in America could translate to a change in the demographics of people engaging in civic activities, a recent study conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found otherwise.  According to the study, the socio-economic […]

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Is twitter just a fad

There have been speculations that the fast rise to Internet stardom of Twitter may be actually bad for Twitter itself—that all those millions of subscriptions would go as they came.  The reason?  As with most things that popular culture has bestowed its favor upon, it rarely lasts for long.  Though Twitter may be dominating cyberspace […]

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