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Is E-commerce Coming To Twitter?

One of the biggest concerns that investors were regarding to Twitter’s IPO boils down to dollars and cents. Where’s the money gonna come from? Twitter is basically another ad-funded social network site. Big deal, says many investors. Still, its stock is still high up there and a lot of people are wondering when the stock […]

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Twitter Product Head Honcho Leaves the Company

Usually, when you start seeing top executives of a company hitting the exits, it’s usually not a good sign. Well, it appears that the recent announcement of the departure of Michael Sippey from Twitter might not fall into that classic mold of an executive exodus. Usually, an executive exodus is a massive red flag because […]

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Microsoft Twitter Account Hacked

What do you have when the Twitter account of one of the biggest software corporations on the face of the planet issues a tweet instructing you not to read Microsoft emails? Very simple. The account got hacked. Thanks to the Syrian Electronic Army, Microsoft’s official Twitter account, Microsoft News got hit. Not only did the […]

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Goldman Sachs Recommends Twitter as a Stock Buy

A lot of people are rolling their eyes regarding the recent announcement by Goldman Sachs that it is recommending Twitter with a target price of 65 dollars. This is nothing new. Most investment banks roll out recommendations and stock buys to people who are following that particular investment bank. Most recommendations usually don’t get much […]

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Tech Stocks Better Go IPO Before the Crash of 2014

A lot of financial industry and stock market observers raised their eyebrows when the revelation came that a lot of the big time billionaire investors are withdrawing their money from the stock market. Names like Warren Buffet and George Soros are pulling money out of the stock market. You don’t have to be a super […]

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Twitter’s Spam Arms Race

Twitter initially ruled out an anti-spam filter with the help of research team from George Mason University and UC Berkeley. The filter works so well that Twitter was able to block 95% of spams sent from bogus accounts. Well, maybe Twitter was patting itself on the back too early because two weeks later the success […]

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