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Is the Microsoft Surface Microsoft’s Salvation?

As we have reported earlier, the traditional PC and computing market is under a lot of stress. The source of that stress? Tablets. Mobile technology is slowly but surely eating up the formidable market share of traditional computing devices. This trend has impacted two of the biggest technology players in the market. We are, of […]

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The PC Death Spiral Continues

Who would have thought that in a decade, we would about the possibility of a PC going functionally extinct. Who would have thought about that? It sounds crazy, right? But it just goes to show you the power of one man’s vision. We all know that Steve Jobs did not invent the tablet, everybody and […]

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Some Key Reasons to Cheer on the Microsoft Surface

Microsoft, the software giant from Redmond, Washington, sure raised a lot of eyebrows recently when it announced that it would be releasing its first hardware product, the tablet dubbed Surface. This raised many eyebrows on so many levels. First, Microsoft is a software giant, and it is not a hardware manufacturer. Questions regarding core competencies, […]

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Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Google and Microsoft tablets signal a key shift in strategy

As we have mentioned earlier at, Google, Apple and Microsoft have widely diverging grand strategies regarding their products. To put in to most basic terms, Google is all about internet connections, Microsoft is all about the operating software and Apple is all about hardware devices. Given the recent announcement of Microsoft’s Surface tablet and […]

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To compete with iPad Microsoft launch the Surface Tablet - Image Courtesy Microsoft

Microsoft releases iPad rival to boost Windows 8

It’s very hard to feel sympathy for Microsoft. It is even harder to feel pity for the software giant. It is quite difficult because we’ve seen in the past how it has dealt with its competitors, whether it is Netscape Navigator in the browser wars or real networks in internet audio. In between these two […]

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Colors of Google

Keep an eye out for the Google Nexus Tablet

Last December, Google’s head honcho Eric Schmidt told an Italian paper that Google plans to launch its own tablet to go head to head with its arch rival Apple. Schmidt said that the tablet will be of “the highest quality.” What made this prospective product launch plan different was that it sidestepped the obvious hype-building […]

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