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Bitdefender, Norton Anti-virus, McAfee, and Others can Save Your Christmas Security

You got to leave it to the creativity and cleverness of online scammers. There is really no season for these scumbags to strike. They pretty much hit you all year round. Interestingly enough, many security researches are seeing seasonal variations in the types of scams usually perpetrated through email that these international scam and spam […]

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Symantec Autumn Coupon Code 15% Off

Symantec and offers U.S. customers 15% off any symantec product with coupon code USNORTON15. We’re happy to announce that we currently have an exisiting coupon code that can be used until the 2014 coupon codes are released. This coupon code is valid until November 15th, 2013 and customers can take 15% off their Symantec […]

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Hackers Targeting Defense Companies Through Adobe Reader Vulnerability

Malicious PDF’s that where attached to messages sent in November have been confirmed by Symantec’s security researchers this week as exploits intended for defense contractors and other businesses. Symantec’s Joshua Talbot reported that the exploit on Adobe Reader’s unpatched flaw have been sent to various people coming from defense, chemical, manufacturing, computer hardware and telecommunications […]

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Symantec Traces Nitro Campaign Hackers

Symantec identified a hacker campaign dubbed as “Nitro” where attackers utilized a Trojan horse to steal secrets from almost fifty companies, a majority of whom are under the defense and chemical industries. Early this week, Symantec revealed that the remote access Trojan (RAT) dubbed as “Poison Ivy” used in the Nitro campaign was made available […]

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Symantec releases tablets first data loss prevention solution

Symantec Corporation, a security and systems management solution provider announces its newest product, the “Data Loss Prevention for Tablet solution”. Accordingly, this is the very first comprehensive data loss prevention solution intended for protecting tablet computers’ sensitive data. The issue of keeping a secure environment for mobile devices has been the driving force behind the […]

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Software Company Symantec For Sale?

Relational, an investor that made sure it would have a place in the board of Genzyme Corp., a drug manufacturer, has slowly but surely been making its way into the software company Symantec Corp., by buying its shares.  Analysts familiar with the strategy employed by Relational are expecting this move by the company to have […]

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PC Infection Detected from Energizer Bunny Software

The US-CERT has warned the public that the software sold alongside the Energizer DUO USB battery charger may infect PCs with a Trojan virus. Trojan infection Just recently, the Department of Homeland Security has announced that the Energizer Bunny contaminates PCs with malware infection. This announcement was backed by studies done by the researchers at […]

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Symantec Stabilizes and Exceeds Expectations

Symantec Corp. may be a top provider of anti-virus software but its recent outstanding sales performance still surprised many analysts.  Symantec’s performance exceeded predictions during the second quarter.  It was considered a sign of stabilization of the company based in Cupertino, California. Trading details During a morning trading, Symantec shares rose by 9.3% to $17.19.  […]

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