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Some Unsolicited Advice For Microsoft’s Next CEO

It is no surprise that Microsoft stocks began to surge when news came out that Steve Ballmer, current CEO, is stepping down fairly soon. A lot of investors interpreted this as good news, because for the most part, Microsoft’s stock has been pretty much sleeping during the past 13 years while companies like Google, Apple […]

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Steve Ballmer’s Successor Will Face Some Rough Challenges

Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft Corporation has stunned the business world when he has announced that he will be stepping down within twelve months. While many die-hard Microsoft fans are left in the lurch and uncertain regarding this announcement, many stockholders of Microsoft are singing out hallelujahs. Let’s face it, Microsoft stocks have been […]

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Steve "Microsoft" Ballmer

Is Microsoft a Victim of Its Own Success?

One of the most popular memes zipping through the internet lately is whether Microsoft is having a lost decade. A little background on that phrase lost decade. That phrase is most commonly associated with the economy of Japan in the 1980s. Japan looked like it was threatening to take over the global economy. It just […]

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Latest Microsoft Move Might Save CEO’s job

It’s hard to step into the shoes of a giant. Just look at Steve Jobs’ successor at Apple. Every move is scrutinized. Every decision is compared to Steve Jobs’ decisions. Every statement is met, at least in some circles, with the question, what would Steve Jobs have done? The fact of the matter is, if […]

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