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Google Launches Proactive Efforts at Helping Startups

As we’ve reported earlier, Google already has a venture arm: Google Ventures. It also has a little known division called Google for Entrepreneurs. This company division focuses on helping startup companies grow. It has a very proactive program that helps entrepreneurs through real estate spaces. One of the biggest challenges of a small startup company […]

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The Six Types of Tech Startup Businesses

This story is based on an infographic released by VentureBeat. All credit goes to VentureBeat for this story. If you have a tech idea and you would like to build a startup company so you can take your idea to the next level and truly make it live up to its fullest potential, it would […]

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Disruption 101

You probably have heard about disrupt or disruption quite a bit. If you are paying attention to technology startups, you keep hearing these terms kicked around. There’s a reason for that: people with money hear these terms and they are more likely to open their wallets and fund the company. These are not dumb people. […]

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Vinod Khosla Gets Real at TechCrunch Disrupt Talk

Let’s skip the BS–we all know that in the venture capital bubble there’s a lot of unreality. There’s a lot hype and buzz and the drive to get a startup funded through several series and launched as an IPO is so intense that sometimes common sense and standard business practicalities fall by the wayside. This […]

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How to Appraise a Gamification Startup

Whether you are an investor looking to get in on the next big thing, you are a business analyst or you are a developer, one of the biggest and most exciting fields is gamification. There is a lot of human activity both on the personal and business realms that could benefit from gamification. Gamification, to […]

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How to Avoid Startup Hype

If you are an investor looking to make money with a hot startup investment, you are on the right track. When it comes to possibly doubling, tripling, quadrupling or exploding your money, one of the best ways to do it is to invest in a startup. The great thing about technology startups is you don’t […]

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