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Can you really trust any Antivirus software?

Antivirus software have gone a long way from the clunky days of Norton, McAfee, and AVG. Antivirus software nowadays are more proactive and act like digital Swiss Army knives. Not only do they actively scan your computer memory for harmful programs you may have accidentally triggered but they are proactive against preventing you from clicking […]

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The Flag of Iran

Sophisticated new spyware wreaks havoc in Iran

It has only been a few months since Iran’s suspected nuclear program suffered a massive setback when it got hit by the USB-borne Stuxnet worm. Well, it looks like Iran’s IT security authorities have their hands full because that country’s computing infrastructure is suffering from yet another attack. This time, the spyware program Flame is […]

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Computer Techie Installs Peeping Software

The Fullerton (California) Police Department arrested a Southern California computer technician allegedly for installing spyware on unsuspecting victims, mostly women, that allowed him to remotely snap pictures and videos of them while undressing or showering. According to arresting Police Sargeant Andrew Goodrich, Trevor Harwell was arrested last Wednesday in his home as detectives were able […]

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