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What Will Be Hot in 2014? Software!

If the past is a trustworthy guide to the future, it looks like the best move will take place in the realm of software in 2014. According to the annual report released by MoneyTree, of the total venture capital invested last year, 37% went to software. This is the highest percentage that has gone to […]

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Kicking Augmented Reality into High Gear: The role of APIs

As we have reported, thanks to the proliferation of apps, the Internet is quickly evolving into API land. That’s right-APIs are taking over because they enable software developers to take functions from many different sources, string them together, customize some parts, and roll out software at a faster clip than ever. This enables app developers […]

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Will plug and play software coding solve America’s Brain Gain problem?

There is a reason why Mark Zuckerberg and tech titans are keen on petitioning Washington to loosen up immigration rules-Americans just aren’t too keen on becoming software engineers and geeks. Seriously. There is something to the decades-long stigma of being a socially inept and sexually deprived nerd that steers many would be future Mark Zuckerbergs […]

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The next big Tech Revolution: Micro applications from API

One of the most expensive facets of software development involves custom-coded applications that deal with the needs of a particular client. This is expensive since it requires lots of custom coding and specific attention. It is also very old. After all, this is the classic model followed by enterprise software development. Now that the world […]

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