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Social Media in a Nation of Serial Switchers

If you thought people had short attention spans regarding your website, you haven’t seen anything yet. That same shortness of attention and fickleness extends to how people spend their money on-line. Modern on-line consumers easily jump from one brand to another. Online customers are very very hard to satisfy if you’re going to judge satisfaction […]

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Can Twitter Get out of Facebook’s Shadow?

There’s a lot of hype recently about Twitter’s upcoming IPO. Many people in the social media technology space are hyping up the upcoming IPO deal as the salvation of social gaming and social networking sites. Don’t believe it. Why? Twitter is basically living off the fumes of Facebook. Think about it. This Twitter IPO would […]

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LivingSocial forecasts 400 layoffs

Twitter and Facebook spawned an ecosystem of companies that seek to turn social traffic into cold hard cash. From app developers to social game pioneers like Zynga to group discount middlemen like Groupon, the types of companies drawn to the irresistible siren call of the economic and technical bounties of social networking are only limited […]

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Terrorists Make Use of Social Media

When most people sign in to their Facebook or Twitter accounts, they usually do not think that terrorists around the world are also using the same social media sites for planning terrorist activities. However, recent reports have revealed that these people are using social media sites as a way to recruit new members and to […]

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Educators Makes Use of Social Media

Social media is now a huge part of the learning process. Students have the amazing ability to use social media sites to view recorded or live lectures, contact teachers or even attend virtual classes when they cannot physically be present. Social media platforms and sites not only benefit students, but can be fantastic tools for […]

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When Online Communities Kill Businesses

The social news aggregation site Digg recently sold for the ridiculously low price of $500,000 to some little known company. Quite an epitaph for a previously high flying superstar of the web 2.0 age. The most obvious question to ask is what happened? The real story is that the usual suspects behind the death of […]

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