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Easily Stream Media to Gadgets Using These Tools

With all of the confusion over licensing issues, piracy, digital media licensing, and intellectual rights, it seems as though streaming content seems to be one of the best ways to share content without stepping on anyone’s toes.  For this reason, media streaming has become quite a popular and booming industry.  But how can you make […]

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A First Look at Windows Phone 7 Series

When the iPhone was first released, it garnered widespread acclaim and praise from hardware critics, mobile phone industry specialists, and, most importantly, from consumers.  The iPhone took off and dominated the market for smartphones.  On the other side of the story, Microsoft seemed to have gone silent.  Sure, Microsoft had Windows Mobile, but it was […]

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Smartphones Support for Flash 10.1 Up Ahead

Although Apple has no present plans of supporting Adobe Systems’ Flash multimedia software to any of their line of smartphones, other telecommunications companies and handset manufacturers see the need for Flash 10.1 support and are currently planning to make available software updates in the very near future. The need for broader web content range and […]

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