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Sony to make Sony Ericsson a subsidiary

Sony revealed Thursday that it will buy the whole of Ericsson’s share with their mobile phone joint venture Sony Ericsson. This in turn will make the latter a subsidiary of the Sony by January next year. The Japanese electronics brand Sony, disclosed that it will be spending €1.05 billion (US$1.47 billion) to buy Ericsson’s business […]

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New smartphone Startup turns Outdoor Activities to Interactive Video Games

Explorence, a new startup outdoor-video-game maker introduced its new beta smartphone outdoor mobile game innovation this week. Smartphone technology has advanced even more with various amazing features, one of which is with mobile gaming wherein motion-sensing consoles and customizable game controllers are but a staple. The latest innovation is presented by Explorence that aims to […]

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Mobile pioneers RIM and Nokia struggle over growing competition

Research In Motion (RIM) and Nokia are currently adjusting to the growing competition brought about by giant newcomers Google and Apple with their smartphones and tablets. The two wireless communication pioneers that were the top contenders in the mobile phone industry are now “fighting to regain balance” according to reports considering that the new mobile […]

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HTC Android smartphones face major security issues

HTC Android smartphones face scrutiny as security researchers found an insecure logging program in some of its devices. This is a major security issue considering that hackers can get hold of users’ personal data. This logging program found in some Android phones can record everything a user does with his phone. The customization of the […]

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Smartphone app alarms public for ‘stalking’ capacities

TOKYO, Japan―a downloadable software application causes alarm as the public complains for its infringement of privacy properties. The spy software “Karelog” when installed to a smartphone can locate the phone’s geographic location among other data and thus reveal the owner’s whereabouts and phone activities to any third party who has access to the registration ID […]

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Facebook Bring Mobile App to Counter Google+ Chat

Competition has proven once again that it is a compelling driver in making excellent products even better. And competition in the social networking circle seems to be heating up. Facebook on Tuesday released a new group chat application for iPhone users, the Messenger for Mobile. But it’s not about to miss a large market chunk […]

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Skype Video Now in 17 Android Phones

Skype updated its video call feature on Android smartphones with the release of version 2.1 of its application, allowing video chat support to a new set of Android handsets. The update enables 17 more Android handsets to benefit from Skype’s video call and chat feature. This is now available on HTC Thunderbolt, Desire, Desire HD, […]

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New Methods for Old Identity Theft Scams

Online Identity Theft in New Clothings When it comes to online identity theft, the old saying of “the more things change the more they stay the same” is very appropriate. While the scam remains the same: which is to get your personal information to perpetuate financial crimes, as technology evolved, the methods have changed. Old […]

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HTML5, the emerging structured programming language for the World Wide Web is still under development as of June 2011, but is already on its toes planning for “semi-local” apps on the new browser protocol. These new HTML5 apps are expected to run on various popular mobile operating systems and will harness the new HTML […]

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