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Samsung Goes For The Jugular

The problem with Samsung is that its smartphone business model could easily be replicated. For the most part, it’s just a shiny hardware maker but the heart and soul of its product is something it doesn’t create, in other words, it runs on the Android operating system which is controlled by Google. Samsung can put […]

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Amazon to Give Away Free Smartphones?

One of the biggest hassles of covering the online technology market is that you get to run into all sorts of rumors, innuendos and outright BS. While this might be fun when talking about celebrities, it’s not a cake walk when you’re dealing with technology companies especially a huge one like Amazon. Amazon is no […]

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Is Augmented Reality Ready for Prime Time?

One of the biggest and most tight future trends for mobile apps is the concept of augmented reality. Augmented reality really summarizes the biggest dreams many technology fans, developers and hardware makers have for mobile hardware technology. In short, augmented reality is about taking real world signals and processing it using mobile phones, tablets and […]

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The Facebook Logo

Facebook is rumored to be looking to enter the smartphone market

What is Mark Zuckerberg thinking? Seriously. After he bought out 13 employee-having, no revenue-generating Instagram, comes news that Facebook might be looking to enter the smartphone space. Really? Considering the heavy weights that are already kicking butt and taking names in that seriously competitive space, can Facebook have a realistic shot? Before you roll your […]

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Samsung and Android Smartphone Brand Market Leaders

The third quarter market research results are out this week and Samsung emerged as the largest smartphone vendor internationally while Android surpassed fifty percent of the market share for the first time, disclosed Gartner, a market research company. Android’s 52.5 percent market share can be attributed to the support Samsung has given the operating system […]

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