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Did Microsoft Screw Up By Buying Skype?

Microsoft’s buy out of Skype was one of the biggest technology stories of recent years. Not only that billions of dollars changed, but one of the most iconic names in modern mobile communications changed tense. Skype was a big deal and still a big deal, but the question that arises now with Steve Ballmer leaving […]

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Quick Update on Post-Acquisition Skype

About a year ago, Microsoft stunned the whole technology world when it plunk down 8.5 billion dollars to acquire Skype, the voice over IP juggernaut based in Sweden. While most people could agree that Skype is a great acquisition considering its massive user base, its great market penetration and its leadership in VoIP space in […]

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Skype Rolls Out Conversation Ads

It never fails. Whenever you have a very popular free service, there will always be a minority of users who will hem and haw when you try to monetize or make money off that service. Call it an entitlement mentality or just call it an addiction to a “clean service,” but adding ads to a […]

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Cisco Jabber arises as a Skype alternative

If you haven’t heard of Cisco Jabber, you are not alone. However, this emerging technology might eventually rival Microsoft Skype’s dominance of the video instant messaging and collaboration market. This might take place sooner in the business market where Cisco and Microsoft are big players. Cisco is extending Jabber’s capabilities to both Windows and Apple […]

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Logo of Skype Limited

Skype Video Now in 17 Android Phones

Skype updated its video call feature on Android smartphones with the release of version 2.1 of its application, allowing video chat support to a new set of Android handsets. The update enables 17 more Android handsets to benefit from Skype’s video call and chat feature. This is now available on HTC Thunderbolt, Desire, Desire HD, […]

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Facebook Launches Skype Video Chat Integration

Facebook announced this Wednesday that its popular social networking site will be rolling out a video chat capability in the Skype feature set that it says is the first of many new applications forthcoming in the next two months. In a webcast press roll-out last Wednesday from its Palo Alto, California office, Facebook CEO Mark […]

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