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Is Social SEO eroding Twitter’s value?

Twitter hasn’t been a public company for long and cracks found early on in its public persona are getting bigger with each passing day. One day, the drama is about the number of people getting burned out at Twitter. The next day, the drama is all about the number of fake users on Twitter. The […]

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Did Google Hummingbird kill SEO?

If you are not much of a Chicken Little fan, we don’t blame you. After all, in the many times people have worried about the end of the world and been fearful of pieces of falling sky, the world remained in place and the universe didn’t cave in. The good news is that life will […]

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Google Confirms Geo-based Redirection is not Spam

Google, through the head of its anti spam team Matt Cutts, has announced that the company doesn’t view redirection based on geography as spam. This is big news. For the longest time, many people thought that any type of redirection will be looked upon negatively by google. Remember, one of the biggest sins you can […]

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Google Rolls Out Penguin 5.0

Usually, when Google launches a new upgrade or algorithm regarding its search engine, a lot of search engine optimization companies quake in their boots. Many people still haven’t recovered from the carnage caused by Panda and Penguin. Many websites lost their livelihoods because of these updates and guess what, the updates will continue to come […]

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Colors of Google

Google Isn’t Dicking Around When it Comes to Brands

As we have mentioned several months back, Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt, was actually telegraphing the company’s philosophy and agenda when he kept mentioning the word “branding” or “brand”. According to some critics, he kept repeating it again and again like a monkey on crack but there is a method to the madness. He’s not […]

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Google Releases Hummingbird

Google has released a major rewrite of its algorithm. For the past twelve to fifteen years, everything that you see on Google is actually powered at the back end by roughly the same code. While there are many different parts that have been swapped out, improved and upgraded throughout the years, in particular Penguin and […]

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