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Rap Genius Gets Back In Google’s Good Graces?

Is Rap Genius back in Google’s good graces? As we have reported earlier, Rap Genius was involved in a very shady link building program. It dubbed this program as “affiliate” program, however, upon inspection by anyone with more than two brain cells, this link building scheme hardly qualifies as a classic affiliate program. The scheme […]

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SEOs Backtrack from Comment Spamming

One of the oldest and easiest ways to rank on Google was to just hit blogs that are related to your niche. You just put up a link in the form of your name, you use your keyword as your name and link it to the target webpage. This was very effective if the blog […]

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Why You Should Be Careful of Penguin 2.1

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Penguin 2.1 is a big step up from Penguin. In fact, it’s such a big innovation regarding the original Penguin update that many SEO’s are really beginning to feel the pain brought by this latest update. If penguin 2.0 was such a major update that it needed at its own update […]

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SEO To Suffer A Major Blow In 2014

According to recent study regarding digital marketing spending priorities by big agencies and big companies, SEO manages to only barely make the top 10 of spending priorities. This is bad news. For the longest time, SEO was near the top of spending priorities. Why? When people are searching for a particular niche that you’re in […]

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Is Google trying to kill the SEO market?

The SEO services market is a multi-billion dollar market. Part of the larger online marketing market, SEO services are very much in demand by a business world continuing to wake up to the reality that good solid offline brands don’t guarantee online traffic. This demand is going to continue to ramp up in the future. […]

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