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Apple Shows a Disturbing Slavishness to Samsung

The title of this blog post might seem shocking to many people. After all, Apple just slapped Samsung and beat it out quite a bit with its patent infringement victory over the South Korean hardware maker. Despite Apple’s past legal offensives as well as its current ones (see our story regarding the latest lawsuit filed […]

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Samsung Goes For The Jugular

The problem with Samsung is that its smartphone business model could easily be replicated. For the most part, it’s just a shiny hardware maker but the heart and soul of its product is something it doesn’t create, in other words, it runs on the Android operating system which is controlled by Google. Samsung can put […]

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Samsung Launches a Developer Offensive

As we already know, Samsung’s devices run on Android and Samsung knows for well that this can be a problem. “What is the problem?”, you may ask. If you have tons of hardware makers all running on the same OS, chances are it’s going to be hard to differentiate yourself from your competitors. While you […]

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Samsung’s Android Strategy

Samsung is already the world’s biggest manufacturer of TVs and mobile phones. It is fast building a distinct brand for quality hardware. So far so good right? In fact, many people look at the smartphone marketing battlefield as two camps: Apple on one end, Google and Samsung on the other end. The bottom line is […]

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Get Ready for the Impact of Flexible Phones

When South Korean electronics giants LG and Samsung revealed that they have come up with flexible displays, many people let their imaginations run wild. A lot of people started thinking that in the very near future, people would be able to fold their smartphones. Sorry, not going to happen. Others began thinking of a massive […]

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Preliminary Court Decision Finds HTC Violated Two Nokia Patents

As if Taiwan-based smartphone manufacturer HTC doesn’t have enough problems already. The US International Trade Commission issued a preliminary decision finding the Taiwanese company guilty of violating two patents held by Nokia. Apparently, according to the decision, HTC used Nokia technology to build HTC branded Smartphones. This is yet another example why Google and Microsoft […]

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