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Will the Apple iPhone Join the Large-Screen Trend?

The trend in smart phone technology is not smaller, leaner, faster and nimbler. It is towards bigger more powerful and fancier. Well, at least that is how the upper end of the market is evolving. In other words, the market is evolving towards phablets. Need any proof? Just look at the Samsung Galaxy Note. Look […]

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Samsung Feels the Pain of Smartphone Reality

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. We have already mentioned repeatedly that the android-based smartphone market is a race to the bottom. It has to be. First and foremost, the operating system is free to manufacturers. So what will happen is that since the software is free that the battleground shifts to the price of […]

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Tizen OS Failed Launch Highlights OS Duopoly

In the technology landscape and in any other marketplace for that matter, diversity is crucial. The more players you have in the market, the lower the price, and more importantly, the more options you have. Many things can happen and the more options and alternatives you have, the better. Unfortunately, having alternatives present at all […]

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The Future Direction for Mobile in 2014

Mobile technology is amazing. Who would have thought that you could walk around with relatively underpowered computing devices and harness the data processing of the internet. This is the genius of smartphones. In a very real sense, this is the genius that Apple and its former leading spokesman, Steve Jobs, brought to the table. Using […]

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Apple Tightens the Screws on Samsung’s Legal Victory

As we have written earlier, Apple won its lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement. In particular, it won based on several patents. Most notably, the ability for a user to zoom in on an object by pinching an image on a touch screen, another patent when involves tapping the screen to zoom and to navigate. […]

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Is the SmartWatch the Next Frontier For Wearable Wireless?

A lot of people are obviously justifiably excited about the prospect of wearable wireless. After all, this technology allows people to collect information regardless of what they are on the planet. More importantly, they can sort this information through the powerful software resources of the internet and access different pools of data to come up […]

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