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Google TV Not as Bad as Some Think It Is

Google TV, the hybrid service that aims to incorporate Web and channel-surfing functions based on the Android operating system, may have undergone through rough patches for the past weeks.  The program, accessible through the Chrome Web browser of Google, has received less than shiny reviews.  A lot of testers have proclaimed that the product contains […]

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Middle East Discusses Software Crimes

The Middle East is currently abuzz with security breaches and cybercrimes that have allegedly taken its toll and have endangered even the most classified offices of the region.  Thus, the first Cyber Crime conference was held in Jordan just recently.  The conference, hosted by Adobe Systems Incorporated Mena and the Business Software Alliance, an association […]

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Microsoft Warns Pirates on Microsoft 7 Upgrades

Hacks and cracks are being offered liberally over the Internet.  Sometimes they are offered for free and sometimes they are sold at a much lower price.  So, it is no surprise that software users are tempted to grab these illegal deals rather than pay for genuine but much more expensive upgrades.  Piracy is so widespread […]

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Fighting XP Pro Piracy WGA Notifications

As a recent addition to Microsoft’s fight against software piracy, the company just released a new version of their WGA update.  This new version is designed to thoroughly check the software version and activation keys of Windows XP Pro for counterfeit or stolen product keys.  Since XP Pro is the Windows version that’s a favorite […]

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