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New Twist Appears in Common BBB Phishing Scam

The Better Business Bureau of Eastern Michigan issued a warning regarding a new twist on the all too common email phishing scam using its name to trick recipients into giving up private financial information. The latest scam is the second largest phishing operation in the USA according to Spam Data Mine, a project of the […]

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Vacation Rental Phishing Shenanigans Fleece Hundreds

Many would be vacationers who had visions of sunning themselves on the fabled shores of the French Riviera were shocked recently to find out that the deposits they sent to finance their vacations have disappeared. The culprits? Phishing scam operators. Here’s how the scam works. A victim sees a rental unit that is available on […]

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Protecting Your Computer From Online Threats and Networks

The dangers posed by computer security threats cannot be underestimated. Every year, companies and individuals suffer losses in terms of direct money loss, time loss, productivity wasted and technical headaches and hassles that could cost several hundred million dollars. Network threats carry a lot of damage and every responsible computer user, whether or not they […]

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Everything you want to know about email spam

Also known as junk email, email spam involves various identical unsolicited emails sent to a list of email addresses. Although there is a law against the sending of spam, there are still companies that advertises their products by spamming. This is not surprising given that this method is cost-effective; with just a small amount, you […]

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