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Browser Speed Battles: Chrome 4, Firefox 3.6, and Opera 10.5

As ever, the browser war is in full effect with great, new updates on some of the most popular Internet browsers available.  When it comes down to judging between browsers, there are many different factors to consider, including customizability, user- and developer-friendliness, extension and add-on support, and the basic design of the browsers.  Aside from […]

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Chrome Dislodges Safari from Third Place in Browser Usage

Google’s browser Chrome had dislodged Apple’s Safari as the third most used browser, according to measurements made by NetApplications. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still occupies the top slot and this is followed by Mozilla’s Firefox. During the second week of December 2009, NetApplications observed that Chrome had a 4.40 percent share of the browsers used by […]

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Mobile Opera’s Fast JavaScript Engine

Recent weeks saw the launch of Opera Software’s Opera 10.5 browser and Opera Mobile 10 browser alpha versions. The San Francisco launch focused on the company’s Carakan JavaScript engine, a well regarded improvement in these versions. Likewise, it highlighted the availability of alpha releases for Windows and Mac. Linux and Unix releases are underway. The […]

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Updates on the Browser Wars

Ever since the Internet was released for public access, numerous companies have developed Internet browsers to help users get the most out of their Internet experience.  Over the years, some of these browsers have climbed to the top of the market only to crash in flames because of the inability to keep up with the […]

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